Meme wars 1...2...3.... Go


Hahaha I love moth memes


Oh yeah. Coming of age in the 80’s, you knew how to apply first-aid to your favorite cassette tape. I could even “uncrinkle” a tape, with a hairdryer and two pencils. Make it almost new again.



Man wish I knew that hair dryer trick years ago. I used to record songs off the radio onto cassettes. Those were the good days!


It was a quantum leap over what was in my first car (1968 Cougar)…an 8-track. No rewind or fast forward on it. If you wanted to hear an awesome song again, you had to keep driving until it came around again.



My grandma had a slew of those and records.


Oh my gosh. This morning at work around 5 a.m. the dispatcher asked an officer to go to an area of town. A lady called and said she saw a crazy clown running around her neighborhood. I wonder what she really saw.


Likely a crazy clown, running through the neighborhood.


It was raining. Maybe it was just a jogger. Either way I was waiting for crazy clown to be brought to ER. Dodged a bullet there though.


Just about that time a year for the wannabes


I am envious, because No Shave November leads to No Job December for me.


Been lucky on that front. I feel for you


My legs…:joy:


This close to Halloween, likely just a crazy clown, out for his morning jog.


I hate shaving it’s a waste of time and resources. Have discovered mens razors work better and last long than womens. Harry’s for the win!


I’ve come to an agreement with my boss, as long as I dont go full zz top/duck dynasty and keep it lookin clean and presentable I’m good. My last boss gave me some flak about it, but I won that argument with “well, as far as my knowledge goes there aren’t that many famous carpenters in the world and the 4 at the top of my list are; Jesus, Saint Joseph, Bob Villa, and Norm Abram, all of which rocked rather luxurious beards” lol


You forgot the greatest carpenter of all … noah… Save you from hell and high waters :wink:


I use an old school safety razor with the double edged drop-in blade. I get a year’s worth of blades for what a months worth of “cartridges” cost. No need to worry about a dull blade. Use a fresh one every shave.


That’s sooo true!