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Our local police department does a no shave November to raise money for charity. They do a shop with a cop for Christmas.
So people pay to have the cop of their choice not shave. Then the cop has to pay so much to be able to shave. Also if the cop already has a beard they can get donations to shave it off or pay to keep it.

Last year alone they raised 10,000 in November to help with shop with a cop.
In December they take a certain amount of kids from low income families and take them shopping. They get to get gifts for everyone in their family and get so much money to spend on themselves. The families also get stockings full of goodies, a Christmas dinner of their choice (it’s between 3 different meals) and bathroom items. Everyone gets new toothbrush and toothpaste new brushes.

It’s really an amazing program :heart_eyes::purple_heart:



He’d clearly ran out of fuc#$ today.



Real life lolling!


They’re playing against each other on espn2 right now heh


Did you just make up those words? Bama? Tua? Huh?


Lol. Alabama. Tua is one of Alabama’s quarterbacks. From Hawaii


This dang game is now tied 49-49, with 3:28 remaining. 6 commits to Alabama … boom!


I’m lost but I’m going to nod. :grin:


Me wondering why this meme says laying instead of lying in bed. Me now wondering why I didn’t put laying and lying in quotes. And on n on n on … oy!