Mental wellness

Totally hit 9 months of sobriety. .only issue is that temptation that still lies there. It burns and it sucks …when does that go away? I will of course never in life go back but sometimes I sit there and go through multiple scenerios in my head about it…till my stomach hurts and body is stressed. I can stand it it’s just tiring. Any ideas?

Id say dont enterain scemarios. As soon as you recognice the thought, acknowledge it and quicly remind your self of why u stopped and replace the thought with a diferent thought. Something happy productive and calming soothing. Essentially retraimg your brain. Its a proccess. Im clean 3 years thoughts still come but much more managable now.


Thank you Mando will go ahead and try this one out! I needed the advice so badly :pensive:. May God bless you and stay safe from virus

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I agree . Mindfulness is a must. I liked this one alot . Thank you.


Maybe put those thoughts to work… make them useful…find a muse don’t give up ok…u won’t find it satisfying anymore if u go back …u will feel more empty and lost. Just don’t.

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