Messed up, I need to learn how to be an adult

Realized even though my parents did the best they could, they don’t have the tools and access to knowledge we now got, specially how to deal with their own issues. Luckily there’s no narcissist in my immediate family.

Without going to a rant about how this all effected me and feed my resentment I’ve realised I have to be the parent to myself that I needed growing up and even now at 34.

So wrote myself a letter :laughing:


It says:
Dear Child, as you decided to act like an idiot here’s some tasks to do to get back on track :heart:

List of house chores I’ve neglected or made worse by drinking yesterday

I know you have some work to do today so do the best you can.
Love you xx

P.s. monetary loss takes about 2 weeks to recover from. Use that as an extra motivation.


It’s so true, we need to parent ourselves! Thanks for your share, open and honest!


When you figure out how to be an adult, let me in on some of that
I say, it will happen when you don’t even know it

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Thanks for sharing.

I’m 40, and if I could, I would go back and parent myself as a teenager, and life coach myself through my 20s and 30s.
I think about that a lot, and use it as a reminder that I can only change the present and future, and try my best to make my 40s my best decade yet.