Meth & Adderall withdrawals?

Currently 4 days clean off of meth. I haven’t been using that long, only 6 months, but I have in the past abused my Adderall prescription, got more from others, etc.

I came clean to my psychiatrist about everything last week. She took me off of adderall (was only 10mgs ir in the morning and 5mgs ir at noon) and prescribed me Provigil. Of course it feels like I’m not taking anything.

I’m determined to stay off the meth bc the past month it wasn’t even working anymore and I was miserable and crazy. I just really miss the adderall. To top things off, I have an eating disorder and my insane appetite is driving me crazy. I used to be anorexic, gained to a healthy weight, but just recently dropped some weight. Half of which I put back on in the past few days. I’m afraid it’s going to lead to a relapse.

I’m just miserable and irritable and feeling antsy. My stop date also coincided with the start of my PMDD which was probably a bad idea, but my counselor was ready to have me involuntarily hospitalized with how irrational and hysterical I was getting while I was using.

I just want to know if the hunger will get better? And my mood? I’ve never been a ray of sunshine…I was originally put on the adderall for treatment resistant depression and lack of energy. I just want to be able to get out of bed and function…nothing too crazy.


That sounds rough. Hopefully a taper off the Adderall? I can’t speak to when you will feel better, but you WILL at some point. You are doing the right thing being honest and working on your health. Maybe eat more fruits and veggies for health. Sending strength and hugs.

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Totally normal to feel crazy hungry after stopping meth. Your body needs nutrition. Eat, get that energy. After a while you’ll find a good balance. Binging on Meth actually made me fat. Since stopping I’ve lost over 30 lbs. It took me a little while to normalise at first, but now it’s much much easier to maintain a healthy weight. Adderall won’t give you proper energy, good nutrition will.

My mood is a whole load better too. It all takes time but it’s worth it. Be patient and be good to yourself.


Meth made me skinny as and sucked in face. I didn’t even look like me it was sad.

Smoking meth will get you nowhere.
Life is too good to stay in a room smoking that shit. Also - it’s not a real feeling of happiness. That buszz you get, is brain cells frying. But if you stop now, it doesn’t have to be permanent.

I’ve watched many friends go from smoking weed, to smoking ice very quickly and it’s a big step into a dark world of depravity and madness.

Food is your friend. Eat. It’s good for you. Drink water too. Get new friends and rid of old ones. Delete and block all meth users as dealers. For me I blocked and deleted everyone except my weed guy and he’s going next.

I spend a shit load of time on my own now and I probably wouldn’t of been able to cope with this isolation and temporary hermitian lifestyle if I hadn’t infact stopped meth and booze.

I used to think there was some value in spending my money on drugs. But in reality you go wayyyyyy up, then come wayyyyyyyyy down, down further then ever. And it’s hard to get back up to the level you were at before the meth. But it’s possible. I’m almost my good old self again. And it’s only early days.

Check my posts. Wasn’t long ago I was naked looking at drones out my windows.

There’s a good person inside of you that doesn’t want to keep doing this. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Adderall for depression? I thought it was for ADHD and stuff like that. Not sure there. Is that an amphetamine medicine?

Doing great on day 4. Keep going. You will be so pleased with yourself. Send me a message if you want bro.


Ex meth user with an eating disorder here. I just sighed heavily because I know exactly how you are feeling and thinking. It was really hard to put the weight back on. I think the only reason I manage to maintain a slight bit of normalcy there is because I’m raising a teenage daughter. I would suggest getting some specialized help from a therapist for the ED before you lose control again.

I know its hard to accept ,but I just wanted to remind you that you’re beautiful no matter what you weigh.

Congrats on your days.

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Thank you so much for your replies! Day 6 and the weight gain is slowing so that’s a relief. I know that’s a weird thing to focus on, but I guess my ED thoughts are rearing up again.

I’m actually meeting in person with my counselor today. I might be going back to work tomorrow too, which is a blessing and a curse.

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