Migrant worker


I’m a commercial roofer. We do large flat roofs. I’m from St.paul Mn and every spring they send us 7 hours south to bumfucknowhere Nebraska to reroof a hogkill plant. On a good day the work only kinda sucks. This is my first trip free from alcohol and I’m just wondering if there are any others out there who do such things like travel for work and if so we’re you able to beat your triggers or did you change careers?


I have met and know a number of actors, musicians, bartenders, and others that travel for music, plays, cruises or the like. I also know a number of sober bartenders. Each of them have said that it wasn’t easy in the beginning, but it can be done. Each of them note that they had to have a plan going into situation, making meetings when at port organizing meetings at sea for staff.

Whatever you are doing now, my advise would be to be proactive in trying to create a plan to have at least some of those more important habits in place when traveling.


I’m in the industrial heat treat furnace biz and travel alot. Just got back from Florida and what helps me is seeing the sights, just walking or cruising in the truck. I like to not be in that danm hotel room except to sleep, that shit will drive me nuts. I’ve been to Lincoln Nebraska so I know ain’t much going far as sights. Just try and stay busy with something.


I dont travel much, but a few times a year. I always drank even more when i traveled!!! I just worked out recently but was able to eat at the bar with thw other guys without drinking. I didnt have any desire to hang out very long though.


Thanks guys for the replies, I didn’t drove so sight seeing and finding a meeting are kinda out of the question. I brought my laptop and made my roommate buy a Nerf gun so I’ve got some entertainment. Crummy hotel offers free anytime fitness pass but the gym is a couple miles away so that’s outta the question. I did play some pool at the bar last night but only a couple games before I had to leave. Glad to know it’s doable and I’m not the only one who’s struggling with the hotel life. Again thank y’all for the replies, I’m on day 57 and this here is helping me on my way to 60