Milestones.. 1 month


I have made it to a month!!! Longest in years.

Heres to another day sober :grin:

And dang, these sugar cravings are intense! I never have liked sugar and now I cant stop craving it!


Yay! Me too. Second time to make it one month. Hope to make it to more.


Congratulations to you both @Dhiggi and @Daphne! :tada:


Congrats! Indulge the sugar craving…lot better than booze…if I came with in a 100 yrs of a Kit Kat…I devoured it…worth it in the end


Congrats to you too!


Me too. Made it to …well…day 29…and then it was an office celebration and had some wine. It was worth celebrating getting this far…lol.

Sometimes we just have give ourself a break. Its a long journey, gotta keep it fun. Celebrate wins …as counter intuitive as it sounds.

Congrats guys for making it this far.


Congrats on your month! Sugar cravings, I had them too. I indulged til I felt solid in sobriety. Now I am also off sugar LOL.


Yes, but you can celebrate wins without drinking!


Good for you on the month! stay strong!


Congratulations on your month!!!

I too had HUGE sugar cravings my first weeks off of my d.o.c. thankfully they fade.