Milestones and addiction

I have 6 months sober tomorrow. I should be excited but i know im more guilty a bit for wanting to say fuck it and start drinking. My DOC is drugs…mth and heroin…but i have been addicted to just about anything i can get my hands on. So my addict self is like “DRINK DRINK DRINK”. ive worked the program and steps and helped with my past issues as a kid. But now ive had another issue with my fiance after being clean and its messed with my insecurity so much. So when i think about drinking i think about that incidents as well…prolly my issue here. Well happy 6 months


Congrats with 6 months ! :slight_smile:

Then start with step 1 again to resolve your issues in the here and now.
Working the steps is never finished…


Congratulations on your 6 months!!! Milestones, especially early on, had a way of messing with my head and resolve. It seems to be a thing for some of us.

Nothing is going to be different if you start using or drinking. You know that story, right? The story you do not know…is the new interesting story of who you are without all that crap!! Now that is something to get excited about, right? I hope so. :heart::birthday::heart:


Thank you very much all the kind truth has helped me today.


Wow congratulations on 6 months!!! I can’t wait till I reach that. What a great accomplishment.

I hope you and your fiancé resolve the issue, maybe take some time for some deep honest conversation?


Congratulations on your 6 months :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you everyone.


Well done on 6 months. Take heart in the knowledge that you’ve powered through what could be some of the toughest months of your life and they can remain behind you, if you choose to make it so. They can be the foundation of a lifetime of sobriety, if you choose to make it so.

For you see, freedom from addiction means you once again have the choice. When we were chained to our addiction, we had no choice. We were in physical, mental, and spiritual slavery.

Free or slave. It’s your choice.


Thats totally correct thanks for the reminder

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@Veronicaaa23 a huge congratulations on 6 months! That is absolutely amazing! I am sorry to hear you are feeling so low that you are not able to feel the joy of this achievement. It sounds like your problems with your fiance may be getting overwhelming and need to be worked out so you can rekindle your spark. Taking it back to the start is great advice and reworking through your steps. Perhaps seeing your doctor for a referal for some therapy either alone or with your partner (if they are open to it) might help too. You have been free from the prison of your addiction for 6 long months but that doesnt mean life automatically gets easier or problems get fixed. That takes continous work and effort. Anything worth holding on to takes time and effort. Stay strong lovely. Big hugs :people_hugging: to you.


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Thank you so much i truly appreciate it. Dealing with depression isnt always fun either. But i finally am taking the steps to talk to my doc. Thank you everyone i know to get out of the funk i gotta do the step work and i havent been…i want to be free from this feeing and slavery. Thx