More In Tune With My Needs

A year ago, if my ex had have suggested we do something positive together I would have been all over the idea. The difference today is either sobriety has improved my hearing or I am am more in tune with my needs.

He asked if I wanted to do a juice detox with him after all the recent overeating. Bearing in mind we are separated almost a year. I asked why, he said its because he knew I wanted to do one and thought it would be easier.

The old me would been enthusiastic and happy, thinking he wanted to do something good for himself and our family. But sober me sees through bs. He never actually mentioned any of the deeper benefits that comes with juicing, other than “because it would be easier”. A juice detox is time consuming and labor intensive. So having someone else doing the work, would make things easier.

Sober me can’t rationalize a person’s words or make things out to be something they are not. Love is more than a word, it is a verb. I wouldn’t trade my sober reality for the make believe world I came from. So, I declined the offer.


Seeing things for real instead of from a cloudy head! It must be a real blessing. Thanks for posting. Another aspect of sobriety that’s totally worth it.