Morning after

Made it to 14 days and somehow thought it was a good idea to get fucked up starting on day 1 again


As much as it sucks and believe me…i know the feeling, take comfort that you want to start again…which i assume you do.

Im on my way to AA and very much recommend it. Its working for me this time now that im ready.

Good luck and stay string


Two weeks is still something. What activities did you do last weekend? How can you plan for next weekend?

You flip that negative thought. You dont have to restart at day 1. You had 14 of 15 days sober. Thats a 93% success rate. Its like dieting. Just because you slip and eat cheesecake it doesnt mean you failed at all your food choices. Just 1. Start again the next day. Your brain still had a 14 day rest and recovery. Starting over is a defeating thought. Just continue on. Be kind to yourself. Its a process. I highly recomend This Naked Mind on audio. You got this!


If you can 14 days you can do more. Get yourself on the sober train again and go! :facepunch:
If you are feeling shit right now: write down all this bad feelings on a paper to not forget them.
We alcoholics like to forget how we feel after drinking when we are a couple of days sober and started romantisize drinking. At least I do :pensive:
So when you want that drink read that paper and you know why you quit again!


Don’t feel too bad about it. Make a note not to be fooled by the addict brain romanticising drinking and how you feel today.
Stick it somewhere where you can see it to remind yourself.
2 weeks is solid time to start rebuilding habits. Crack on!

make it easy go to a meeting they help wish you well

Congrats on the 2 weeks and again having the strength to start again!