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Haven’t posted here for a few days but collected a few quotes!




What is the name of this book?



Creating space, even if it’s just a breath to start with, helps us control our responses.






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Beautiful! I have recently gone through a reawakening and find this is incredibly relevant. Mindfulness and meditation were keys to my own recovery and ongoing therapy.


Life is amazing, awful, mundane and beautiful. I have experienced this rollercoaster over the last couple of days! And I am grateful for all of it :heart:


Catching up again!


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Understanding the difference between being alone and being lonely… If we are lonely we are craving a connection to someone. Being alone is something we get better at over time, when we give ourselves space to be alone we may become better at connecting with others in a way that’s healthy and positive.


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There’s a story about some researchers studying Gorilla’s in the wild but they can’t get close enough to them. Each time they approach the gorillas they lack supplies, including guns. One day a researcher goes on his own, without any guns, and the gorillas welcome him.

The point being that when we approach uncertain situations with defensiveness or hostility, we are likely to provoke a hostile response. Being open and compassionate is likely to encourage others to open up to you.


I love this! It is a lesson every human on this planet needs to learn!