Motivation and meditation posts


I liked these thought I would share.


Returning home, a complete whirlwind inside and nervously asking to quiet the storm. Came upon a prayer…

I tremble on the edge of maybe,
a first time, a new thing, a tentative start,
and the wonder of it lays its finger on my lips.

In silence I share now my eagerness and my uneasiness about something different I would be or do.

And I listen for your leading to help me separate the light from the darkness in the change I seek to shape, and which is shaping me.


Good morning.


Good morning everyone.




Good morning.


The facing our fears is very relevant to where I am at the moment and the Buddhist thought is very true.
Thanks @Butch. I’ve only just started picking this thread up and they are truly inspiring.


Good morning. I went to a meeting. There were about 14 of us and we sat in a semi circle. It was step (1) meeting and there was lots of reading and almost all spoke. I didn’t. I left feeling I wasn’t in the right place for me but I will try other days and places because what do I know anyway😊


I’m so glad you went in. When I first went it was hard to fit into the different groups that seemed to already be paired off. It took a little time to get into the groove but it has paid off. Take your time find what fits for you and stay sober. You got this.


I’m glad the readings help.


Good morning.


Good morning.


Oh I’m really late to this but everything ok?


Good afternoon. This website was buggy this morning I could not get on to post. I hope everyone has a great day.


Thanks for asking! You betcha.

At the time was recalling my first few steps. All the potential I could see and embracing surrender/acceptance. Sort of having another wave of that the past week, asking what more life would have of me.

That prayer appeared at just the right time.


Oh good! It’s pretty fitting I guess that Spring is here. A time of renewal and all that. Wishing you love and light as you retread those steps and move further along your path :heart::candle:


It’s ok to find things difficult. The trick I guess is working out what challenges are worth rising to and what ones to walk away from. A sober head helps with that.


Good morning.


Good morning everyone.