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That is legit! Living in the moment is what life is about. “Moments don’t just happen. We have to make them happen”


I was out of town where there wasn’t a good cell signal. I’m back on track now. I hope everyone has s great day.


Yes to making them happen! But also to just noticing the moments that do happen. Sometimes we are so focused on our thoughts - planning for what next or thinking about the past - that we miss the wonderful stuff happening right now. Birds singing, sun shining, the smell after the rain, the person listening to us, the flow of the breath… There is so much to be grateful for :blush:


Hope you had a good trip! Glad you’re back now :blush:


We often don’t share our vulnerabilities with others, except maybe with a small number of people we trust. Being open about our vulnerabilities with others can help us be honest with ourselves. Recognising and accepting when things aren’t going well can start us on the oath to better things. Being honest with others (instead of just saying I’m fine/great/busy) can lead to stronger and more intimate relationships, opening up new connections with others.


So true. There’s beauty everywhere.


I needed this one today. God bless you all.


Thank you for sharing this Butch!


The importance of taking time to prioritise things we enjoy. How we need these restorative moments, connecting with ourselves and others, to achieve our potential.


@Kakimime1 this is the one I took a screenshot of and here is the thread I mentioned :blush:


Good morning.



Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is doing well.


I needed this one today.


Why the breath? It is a constant throughout our lives. It will always be there as something to come back to when we are worrying about the past or the future. Connecting with our breath helps us to be in this moment.


Good morning


Good morning everyone.



I love all of these, thanks for sharing!