Musicians how to you handle playing in a bar?

I make a living as a musician and I am recently sober. I am fortunate to have a sponsor with 25 + year sobriety and also is a musician. I am curious to know what steps you take to ensure you leave the gig sober? How to you handle when you are offered drinks?

I am fortunate that my lead guitar player is sober and he is my “wingman” so to speak. I also have informed the bars and bartenders to instruct anyone that wants to buy me a drink that I am accepting tips not drinks.

Any other thoughts?

I’d ask your sponsor and your lead guitar player what they do. Also, there are bartenders and other people in that scene keeping sober on here.

I have had friends pass them off to someone who does drink in the band or to someone in the audience.

Or just say thanks and set them on the stage where they remain.

The first places that I play I play regularly. I have already contacted them about it. I know I can do this.