My accountability post

Creating this topic as a way to keep myself motivated. I have some really good stuff going on in my life right now and want to stay motivated. I don’t do AA (alcohol, beer in particular is my drug of choice) but I know communicating with individuals that are in my shoes is beneficial. I also want to support others so we can hold each other up. Day one and trying to look forward.


Day 2 here(Jack, Jager, White Wine, and Mike’s where my best friends)!

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We can make this change together. We all need support. I have been a binge drinker for several years. Ready to change my life! We can do it!

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I am back on day 2 as well, beer is also my doc. We can do this!!

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Yes we can! It feels great to have a venue for support and an avenue to find people who are like me. It can feel lonely fighting this battle but we are not alone.