My addiction story

I’m addicted to marijuana. I have been a smoker for over 20 years, and a heavy smoker for the past 10. I smoke from the moment I open my eyes in the morning, until I close them at night. I could easily smoke an eighth to a quarter a day, by myself. I love to smoke, I’m an addict.

I guess I should back track a bit though, those first 10 years of smoking were mixed with lots of booze. I can honestly say that I was an alcoholic for those years, and up until recently, I would have denied being an alcoholic. Because of my bff @MandiH, I can admit this. She gave me the courage, once she sobered up! This past year, has been a real eye opener for me, all the ups and downs.

I have since replaced the alcohol, almost entirely, with pot. I rarely drink these days.

I have been diagnosed with ADHD, I have been on many meds, and they all make me foggy, uncoordinated, and lethargic. I was introduced to pot in high school at 16, and all my anxiety, and excess energy was gone. My brain slowed down so I could have one though at a time. It was nice, my grades were improving so much, I made Dean’s list. It was a miracle drug, much better than the little pills that made me drowsy. Plus it’s a natural plant, right? I’m not gonna get addicted!

I am 2 days sober. I do NOT want to go back to the pills and being a zombie, but I need to get my life back!

I have put down pot once before, for a year and I turned to alcohol. … again. I am afraid that I will have the same habits this time as well.

Also, I cant sleep!! Aside from melatonin and meditation… any advice?



Some strains of marijuana helps adhd mainly sativa or hybrid. I have it as well. I would say marijuana helpped my adhd way more then adderall ever did. Adderall is just meth in a pill. So keeping those out of the house will save you alot of grief and withdrawl. Maybe stopping both right now is not idea…


She is AMAZING!!

I haven’t taken prescription medication for my ADHD since the 90s… I have solely stuck to pot since.

Lol. Yeah, I’ve definitely seen it have that effect on many people. I, however was a very high functioning and productive pot head. My coworkers have noticed, especially today, my ADHD… I’ve worked at the same job for 10 years, I’ve always been high. They’ve never seen me sober…

It totally helps my anxiety too. I get overwhelmed easily, in certain situations, like working with the public. I also, believe I have fibro or something of the likes going on in my hands and joints, maybe arthritis, and it helps greatly with the pain.

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I too am an alcohol, sober 65 days :confetti_ball:there has been a few days I’ve craved alcohol and thought… maybe I’ll smoke some pot, it’s not alcohol and a mild drug? Right?

Wrong. It’s still a drug that I would fill my addict self with, so thankfully with grace and my determination to be sober, I haven’t given into the urge to fill one addiction with another.

It’s hard and hell, but something I know I need to do. I think about one drug always leading to another for me and I play the tape. My addiction tape is not good, like most.

This helps me and anything I can do to occupy the moments of my cravings with a walk or talk Witt someone who understands.

Keep it simple. Moment by moment, day by day. Set a timer when you have a craving and do something to occupy your mind. This may help.

Good luck!


I fear replacing pot with alcohol!! Or even cigarettes! I haven’t smoked cigarettes in 6 years! I dont want to turn to them either!

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I’m so insanely proud of you!!! We’ve got this shit and you know damn well I’ll help keep you together like we always do. :heart:

I do however wish I could un-harsh your mellow for you. Hopefully someone in here has some good advice! I know how hard your ADHD is for you to manage without the smoking. It really did level you out to just about speed walking mode…So in the mean time, I’ll just keep doing what I do and send you things such as this, in public this time to uncrankify you!


You’re lucky I love you!! :kissing_heart:

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I’m afraid to go to the drs to get a diagnosis. That’s why I just coasted along with pot, it helps in so many ways.

She’s almost exactly where I was symptom-wise when I got diagnosed. No joke, for sure!

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When I have insomnia I hit the gym… I’ve had gym sessions at 230am for an hour and a half. Please believe I am definitely going to sleep after that lol.


@MandiH just told me to get off my ass and do sqauts… I just may.


Haha, see @Yomomma, you better get to those 50 sqats we just talked about!

I went for a nice walk earlier and am hitting the gym in the hour. @MandiH you know I’m gym addicted lol


Hey, at least it’s an addiction to taking care of yourself instead of kicking your own ass. Well, I mean there is some of that too but in a good way!

As I like to phrase it.
I spend my days torturing myself in the gym


I was going to try and steal @MandiH for a walk this evening, but mother nature decided it wasn’t In our cards…

Is it storming really bad?
If not a walk when it is sprinkling could turn into a fun jog in the rain. Just saying. You might like it. In April I was riding my bike in the snow and ice storm and loved it lol.
You never know what you might enjoy til you try it.