My boss, will drive me to drink

As cliche as it sounds, I firmly believe if I stumbled at sobriety it will because my boss has driven me to drink. Deep breath, his behavior will not influence my behavior…and repeat.


sorry youre feeling that way. like you mentioned taking in some air will help. i realize i often drank “at” people/situations. they hurt/bothered me so my answer to that was to to get wasted. its fucked up logic, thinking to because i was frustrated or angry at someone else id solve it by hurting myself further (through drinking). the reality was nobody ever put a bottle to my lips or a sbstance in my system. only me. its taken a lot of effort to learn healthy coping skills but i find its a much better way to react to life than blacking out.

bosses fucking suck often keep doin you and dont let him take up space in your head rent free :slight_smile:


Spot on post! As addicts we can find a reason to drink/use anywhere. The stupid sun was tooo bright, if only the sun was out I’d feel better. But the truth is it’s not anything other than our own why’s. I had an excuse for every drink I took I thought. Looking back I know that the reason was always me. I can’t control the world but today I can decide how to respond to the events.


We suffer from low frustration tolerance. When we let outside influences mitigate all the progress we have made we start the relapse process.

In sobriety there can’t be any big deals anymore, all the stuff inside needs a release and to be set free. Can’t change the outside world to suit our needs, need to change our feelings about the outside world. I find that my level of serenity is in direct proportion to my acceptance of any situation or expectation I have of the person/place/thing.

Stay strong and don’t let a selfish prick dictate how you feel about your work or yourself.


Hang in there! Stay strong!!! Eat ice cream :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: