My boyfriend is still a bad influence?


Nearly everyone here told me to break up with my boyfriend. And give him back the engagement ring

He shouted at me and slapped me.
When I wanted to leave he graped me and locked me at his room.
Later he came back with flovers and a stuffed animal.
He didn’t let me talk
He told me he forgives me and everything will be fine again if I don’t say stupid things as leaving him anymore.


Call the police. That’s assault and kidnapping. Or give me an address and I’ll take care of him.


Taking someone phone is also another charge as u have no access to 911. Any threats are terroristic threatening. He can definately be charged for all this as its illegal. They even have a number now u can text and they will show up…no call needed… please get help from this controlling asshole! Hes acting like a kid and needs to grow the fuck up!

Ps: no it wont be fine… this is his behavior and he thinks its ok if its hushed… blow the whistle…he needs help as well


Let me get this right, fiance/boyfriend who wants to be with your bestfriend, physically assaulted you and then imprisoned you?
If you still there and fearful for your life, call the law. If you’re seeking advice…
Sounds like this isnt the first time you have been subjected to this type of abuse. Since you are telling someone about it however, is a sign that you are ready to break the cycle.


Every bit of this behaviour is infuriating not least the fact that it was him that he had to forgive you. You got a lot of good advice here, I hope you can find it in you to see how wrong and unhealthy this is and how it will only get worse unless you act.


You should call a domestic violence hotline. I am not sure which country you are in but in most places he has committed a crime and you may also need to call the police. However you need to ensure your safety first.

The teddy bear and his attempt to keep you in his control sound like narcissistic love bombing.

It was good to hear that you made a move to break up but not good to hear about the attack.

Btw, the reason I suggested you break up with him by text was only half joking Not only for revenge but because he sounded like enough of a **"" to do something violent.

Keep safe


As a woman that was abused for 7 years by my husband. Leave. He hit me before we even got married and I stupidly still got married, he even hit me when I was pregnant. It doesn’t get better, it’ll get worse. I started believing everything he told me about myself. It’s far from a healthy relationship. I don’t know if you have kids or not but having your kids grow up seeing that is a horrible feeling. Mine did for a few years until he tried to kill me and something clicked in my brain and I left him. I never called the cops on him and I wish I would have. After our divorce he ended up apologizing, which never happened before and went to anger management classes. Life is to short to walk on eggshells every day. It’s a horrible feeling. If you ever need to talk you can message me!


There is NO EXCUSE for physical violence. The fact that he is not remorseful is also troubling. And that he is bringing flowers and such.

If you are in the U.S. please contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1-800-787-3224 (TDD)

You can talk this through with someone and make a plan. You do not deserve to be hit. Love is not like that.


As a survivor of an abusive relationship, I’d strongly encourage you to act quickly, develop a safety plan, and follow it.

Use the resources laid out above and in your local community. Involve law enforcement now rather than waiting until it gets worse.

Your life is precious. Your tomorrow’s are all precious. There is help but you need to act and take it.

Sending you so much love.


Your boyfriend is abusive and controlling. Im speaking from experience. He will not change. We allow ourselves to be in love with what we would like them to be. I’m sorry but most abusers never change. The abuse will get worse, too. He could hurt you badly or kill you. Don’t downplay this! They always have a sweet side to manipulate us into coming back. I just left an abusive man who I still love very much. He is terribly violent. My self esteem was so low I didn’t feel I deserved any better. Hitting or mental abuse is not love! He does not love you because he doesn’t love himself! I walked away, and yes it hurt. But I know I deserve better. I’ve always looked for validation through men. Finally I made a decision to take a year off from dating and learn to love myself. It’s part of recovery. Praying God give you the strength to abandon that relationship. He does not love you!!


GF, you need to get out and get out NOW! And tell him the next time he touches you, you will be calling the police and charging him with assault and will be filing a restraining order. This guy is a psychopath!

Please use those phone numbers provided above and please, please be careful. <3


Toxic and controlling. Get out of there


Any updates? Sad thing is shes going to have to say he choked her or stranglulation to give him a felony to get locked up. How would i know? It was done to me and i never touched the gurl. She had no marks to prove anything. Cop emptied my pockets n i was on my way to jail for the first time… any misdemeaners wont be enough to put him away. She may be scared for him to be released after charged. She needs to talk to someone as he personally needs help too.


Do you live in the united states?




If this is for real, he is literally holder her hostage for sex. This shit is scary.