My day 60 in sobriety

Hi all
Thought i share some about my sobriety so far

Week 1 Maybe 12 hrs sleep total cause of anxiety and stuff ,havent had any real craving for alcohol

Week 2 Well this was a good week except for i didnt really sleep much but body and brain seemed to be at the same place at least and day 14 was my first day of really thinking about alcohol as in wow 14 days gotta celebrate this,gasstation is still open i can go buy something ther

from week 3 till now is what i would describe like blurred body and brain havent been in the same place…i could have gone to store whitout pants or have a list with me for things to buy and come home whitout annything on the list cause i forgott i had one constantly tired even if had 12 hrs sleep i could lay down on sofa and sleep 3-4 hrs more my mood has gone from happy to really depressed in seconds with thpougt about giving up totaly and secdonds later sitting an wondering where am
My situation else well im not sure i can stay where i am at if not im homeless soscial services around here i doubt have any help to offer for a “home” and i have to many debts to get a regular contract for an apartment so most of my anxiety and depressions is thinking about that… have no job either atm applied for a few well lets see how that goes
tiredness seem to going away and i feel “full” of energy today compared to the last weeks :)…

Well hope this made some sense english aint my native lang but thought id share some at least

Take care all and keep up the good job and hugs for all and everyone who may need it


Thanx for sharing, congrats on the 60, well done

Congratulations on 60 days. Awesome! Stick at it and life will only get better. That’s a guarantee.

@Mrkivi Can you write something in your native language? I’m very curious.

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Vad har du då tänkt att jag ska skriva? om min resa i nykterhet eller något?

Yes, I’d like to hear about your journey in recovery :slight_smile:

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Well done for 60 days :grinning:

might as well do that in english :slight_smile:

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