My Day Recap

Today has been a great day. Wasn’t as hard as it was this morning. I spent time reading my bible, having some face to face questions to answer and praying. As tired as I was I did it.

My bible was dented from my bible case [has a zipper pocket] metal dug into my leather cover. Looking up apparently water and hot hair dryer gets the dents out. Wow! It worked! Made me smile today!

I am super content at the moment. I am so grateful. I know each day will bring it’s own challenges.

I am limiting my time on social media - itself is helping because that alone is full of discontented atmosphere and buy me buy me ads!

Tomorrow’s new series “Alone” on Stack TV is coming out! I am looking forward to that.

My tablet was broken so I got my new tablet today so I am back to colouring which is super exciting.

Overall today has been a wonderful day.

I made it thru yesterday & today without dropping a dime. That makes me the most happy.


Good for you! Sounds like you had a constructive day.

I love that feeling: discovering a simple solution using items from around the house. There’s so many useful DIY hacks to discover :innocent:


Yeah I honestly thought it was doomed. I was so upset. I have never heard of that hack before.

My daughter she’s gonna be 22 looked at me like Mom it’s leather. I am like well… I haven’t ever heard of that before. Educate me. Lol

I guess leather becomes flexible when heated. I should know this as I rode horses and we duh used leather.

Man, do I feel old. Lol

I love discovering hacks! It’s both surprising and fun.


Can’t sleep tonight. My mind is racing. I wanna sleep but so much is on my mind. I could get up and colour but I want my brain to settle. I feel really nauseous tonight too. That isn’t exactly helping. I guess I will keep scrolling until I can’t keep my eyes open.

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I hope your mind has settled by now. In case it did not, sometimes what helps for me is listening to a guided meditation on the InsightTimerApp. Sometimes it does not help :person_shrugging: and I distract myself otherwise. I hope you’ll find sleep soon :sleeping:


Thank you. I actually did Bible study this morning. It’s about 5am here. I am onto Psalm 9. It was really good. I am glad I started on Psalm. The Bible I have has a section that asks questions about you personally and God. It helps me to reflect, understand and apply. This has been something I haven’t been able to do since I got out of the hospital from sepsis back in Jan. It really affected my cognitive, retention and various others learning and language.

So - huge win for me. I don’t know if I can be consistent but I am going to make it a goal every morning. Even if I can’t do all the questions, I am putting the time, effort and energy into it. It means so much to me.


Coming back from such a grave illness is always humbling. There are so many things about our abilities we take for granted. We realise that often only after such a major event. I had an infection of my heart muscle a few years ago and boy was I in for a ride.
So really: You do what you are capable of in this moment. If you can make a plan, or a schedule - great. If you can do a thing from your plan - also great. If breathing is all you can do on a day - also great. We all are trying to be alive :people_hugging: :mending_heart:


You said it so perfectly hun.

That’s where I am.

I mean I am not new because I have had major heart surgeries, one lung, lupus and other. But nothing like this where I have been stripped of all my independence. Wow. Very humbling. Thank you for sharing your story and validating me.