My first meeting a spontaneous choice

So my best friend came in town from LA. She’s been sober for 2 years and goes to meetings out there. We decided to walk around the city and do some Christmas shopping and sat down and had some food at a cafe and it’s just so funny how the world works and everything just falls into place. We got onto the topic of recovery and she suggested that maybe we go to a meeting while she’s in town. I love how spontaneous both of us can be. We looked up where the closest meeting was and it was right around 8. We jumped in the car and drove over and it was such a great experience. There was a female speaker and she did not talk too much about her past or her bad decisions that she made while drinking just briefly but she did talk about recovery and how wonderful her life has been sober for the past 3 years. It was extremely motivating to watch a powerful strong women talk about how great her life has become. From being in prison and running from trouble to going to school and becoming a counselor… Such drastic changes simply from decisions to be sober… “Simply” isn’t the right word but sometimes my mind tricks me into thinking “it’s just alcohol” … They talked at the meeting about how alcohol isn’t the problem, you were sober when you made the decision to drink again, your mind is what needs fixing… It was a very quite group and I felt really good about going although I’m nervous to go in my city because I don’t want to see people I know… But I definitely want to go back… 29 days sober and Christmas with my family is tonight. I’m going to make is a month, and I’m going to continue to be a better person.


Im so glad you had a good experience. I love speaker meetings… i always find something they say enlightening and can always relate. I take what i can and leave the rest.
Just remember if you do go to meetings in your town, they’re there for the same reason… and its Anonymous, so they wont say anything about even seeing you! They will be happy that youre there honestly. I know when im at a meeting and see someone new walk in that i end up knowing, im just glad theyre there. And Most likely they will see you and feel more comfortable that there is someone there they know…
But If it is a deal breaker for you though, maybe go to meetings in the town over or something. Just try a different town. Dont let anything hold you back from meetings bc at the end of the day, youre there for you. And well find any excuse to not go lol.
Glad you shared this with us, so thank you!


Good for you! And just remember… anyone who sees you in a meeting is also in a meeting.

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I think I’m uncomfortable knowing some people are there because they have to be and have no intention of sobriety and I have a lot of friends still in the drug/alcohol scene that I don’t want to see at a meeting… I haven’t told anyone except my bf and best friend that I haven’t been drinking… How ironic that I feel I have to hide my sobriety and not my alcoholism.