My first relapse has motivated me

So I went a whole week sober and relapsed this last Sunday. At first I was very disappointed, I felt like I had accomplished was wasted. I quickly realized that that was the wrong attitude and was a setup four more relapsing. I’m trying to use this to motivate me but at the same time remain humble and understand I am human. I have some amazing supportive people around me. I guess I look at it a bit like this it was so easy to remain high and drunk almost my entire life, I’m tired of it being easy; I want this fight. Here’s to the battle and the victory.


That’s a great attitude. Not that I’m suggesting but most people go through many bumps before getting on the right path. That said, something has to change with every bump. Long, hard thought about what role your DOC has played in your life and what you truly want to achieve.

Staying sober is sincerely half the battle.

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