My first steps

This is my second day sober from alcohol and cocaine, I’m 23 and I’ve been drinking for about 11 years and doing coke heavily on the weekends, I feel fed up, and like I’m stuck, as I have tried being sober 1000 times, I feel like this time I can do it but need advice regarding those times you sit there looking for reasons to drink. P.s the longest I’ve been sober in 10 years is about 10 days

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Mate, the best advice I can give is get to either an AA or NA meeting! Or both. If you are in the U.K. then get online and find your closest one and go today.

After 11 years of using and drinking, you are going to need some help.

I’ve not been on here long and I’m still in early recovery, 218 days, but I can relate to everything you are saying and know the benefits of going to meetings rather than trying it alone.

Keep talking and reading on here as well as it seems to be an amazing place to be with people who are the same as you.

Stay strong Dude. You can do this.


You’ve tried it alone, now try a new way. I tired countless times by myself and it never lasted long. I can’t explain exactly what it is at AA meetings that does it for me. But whatever it is, it’s done the same for thousands all over the world.

Go to as many meetings as you can. Try different ones. You’ll soon realise others are doing the same as you.

Well done, keep going :hugs:


Cheers mate, yeah I’m in the UK I’ll think about giving AA a go, I’m just not a very sociable person

No worries mate. Completely get where you are coming from. I’m a Chef, name gives it away, and we ain’t known for being that sociable…unless coked up or drunk to hide our insecurities. Lol

If you are near Manchester and want to go, then give me a shout.

If not, then read and ask around the forum. We are all here to support you as little or as much as you want and in your own time. If you struggle at any point give me a shout or PM me in here man.

Stay strong Bro. You got this


I get you I work in a kitchen too lol, and cheers for that mate!

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