My friends always make me feel boring if I don't drink

I stopped drinking for 8 months last year. My friends and sometimes family make me feel weird about stopping drinking as if I’m boring. Then I feel like I’m missing out in life if I am not drinking as if the party has ended. I just want to stop. Is life boring without alcohol. I lift weights and exercise, what other fun activities could i suggest to do with friends or family.

I have been sober 1 week reset.

Thanks in advance.


I felt like life without drinking would be boring. I used to think I was missing out on all the fun when I quit.

My friends like to tell me I wasn’t that bad.

They don’t know how it made me feel or how once I start, I don’t/cant stop. We may have had some fun together while I was drinking, but after the party they aren’t around. They don’t see behind the scenes. Nobody really did.

I know how bad it was. Period!

I failed at staying sober many times because I kept trying to be around my friends. Its so easy to have a drink hoping it will be different this time.

My best friend just got his third DUI. Whenever I do visit him all he does is complain about the same old shit. He hasn’t made any changes in his life. I have. I’ve made a lot of changes and life is going pretty good.

I dont spend much time with my old friends. I still have love for them, I just don’t have much in common with them anymore. Its sad that our biggest bond was drinking. It is what it is.

I have been spending my beer money on cameras and painting supplies. It helped fill the void of time I spent drinking. I shoot nature. I go on photography adventures. I started a YouTube channel. I spend my free time editing videos. Photos, or out on adventures.

No hangover and sunrises are magical experiences. I hated the sunrise when I was drinking. I love it now. I go to meeting when I can and I’ve made sober friendships there. I’ve made sober friendships here too. A lot of them. Its awesome!

As a drunk I was all talk no action. In recovery I’m all about action. Every single aspect of my life has improved drastically without booze! I don’t want to go back. Being a drunk was miserable and boring!


I went to meetings met some guys there who worked out made new sober friends wish you well


It’s hard for me to understand how after 8 months (Congrats!) people in your life were still challenging your God-given right to not drink poison. Maybe find new friends, take up new pastimes or go to your local A.A. events. Around family, I’ve found that if I have a glass in hand, noone ever cares what’s in it. Lotsa purple stuff looks like the wine I used to drink. If they ask, I don’t lie, I tell them I’m going on a long run in the morning. And then I do. Win/win! :v:


Do whatever you want. It’s your life. Your road. Do as you please. I agree that friends who make you feel like that aren’t your friends. This is actually a big part of what recovery encompasses. To find out and discover what it is you really like, to meet the people you really want to be with, to do what you really want to do instead of indulging in substance abuse. It’s a challenge but in the end it encompasses everything that life makes worth living. Congrats on your sobriety and success!


After many years of being the non drinker in the group of drinkers I’ve almost got zero tolerance for it now. The drinkers are escalated to this high, loud, plane and there is nothing attractive or enlightening about it. It’s a bunch of drunk talk that gets worse with each drink. That bores me. You would’nt bore me. The next day when they’re going over how many times did so and so fall on the ground or do you remember what so and so was doing? Actually I do bc I was the sober one. It’s not something for these people to regale themselves with … its still all drunk talk.
You please keep yourself elevated Even higher from all that’ as you are. If you can enjoy the evening w them drunk and feel good about yourself then do it. If they make you feel crummy about yourself then it’s not working. There’s a good life out there without alcohol.
There is a way to enjoy your friends drinking,with patience on your part, and acceptance of them and their alcohol. And respect from them for your sobriety.


Suggesting non drinking activities to do w these people is a good idea. Hopefully you’ll start a trend.

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If friends are trying to make you do something you don’t want to do….are they really friends?

Time to go out and make some sober friends.



One thing I’ve learnt in my 3 years of sobriety is that boring is a state of mind, and if you don’t mind, you’ll never be boring.

In all seriousness, sobriety is a lifestyle, having friends that don’t embrace that lifestyle are not compatible. Finding a few sober pals to hang out with will foster success. Something to think about.


Get new friends…well…get real friends!


They are boring friends if they need alcohol to be them
You are you without alcohol
I’m very proud of you


Tell them you’re an alcoholic. If they still call you boring, there’s your evaluation of the depth of your friendship right there!