My grandpa had a stroke

My grandfather had a stroke last week and he recovered but he is having dementia issues and is slowing losing his memory and my family canceled thanksgiving and I am struggling I need a drink I feel like I can’t deal with all this sober


I will say a prayer for you.

Definitely not very good news. Like yourself…I would have gone out and bought a bottle. Problem is…I over drink and do and say things that make my problems worse and apart from that brief, initial relaxation feeling…it actually ends up making me feel worse.

I’m definitely not a wise sage with hundreds of days under my belt, but when I do the math…drinking just doesn’t add up.

Please try and be strong. You aren’t alone in this struggle.


My father just had a stroke. The pain of knowing what he is going through is hard.

Drinking wont fix a thing…all it will do is repress what you are feeling…and eventually make it worse.

We are here for you, talk to us instead of drinking.


I’m really sorry to hear about you grandfather.

Having a drink is not going to help your situation at all. Are you attending any AA meetings? Sounds like you could really use some in person support from those who can relate. Learning to cope with life’s challenges has been a game changer for me and I did it with the help of AA.

As far as Thanksgiving, look into your local AA and see if there are any alcathons going on. We have quite a few. It’s nice for those that don’t have anywhere to go or just need to escape their dysfunctional families. We have them running 24 hours with food and fellowship. From what I’ve heard, alcathons are very common in most areas.


I’m so sorry. Stay strong :two_hearts: You won’t make anything better by using. It’s a fake escape.


The opposite is true, you can only deal with this sober. Practically, you can’t do things that might help him or other family members if you are drunk, emotionally, you are just delaying dealing with emotions that must be dealt with. My condolences. Seeing a loved one sick and struggling is so hard.


My Dad died unexpectedly in his sleep at 66, in Mississippi (they live in Illinois and were on vacation). Life is hard right now on all of us. I remain sober to help my mom deal with going down there with him in 1 form and bringing back his ashes in another form. Life is short, even in our longest day