My Higher Power... God 🌹

So the past couple months I have been getting alot closer to God. I have struggled alot with finding my spirituality and what it means to me. Initially the 12 steps introduced me to a Higher Power of my own understanding. That developed into spirituality that was more based on the Aboriginal culture (the 7 Sacred Teachings, the Medicine Wheel and the 4 directions, Smudging with medicines, drumming and singing, sweats, ceremonies etc). And like I said, I have been connecting more to God recently. I do still practice the aboriginal culture and fully believe in its power to heal! But I wanted to incorporate God into my spiritual practice. My Higher Power is a combination of things. Whether that’s “right” or “wrong” I don’t know… but it works for me anyway lol I have ALWAYS struggled reading and undertanding the bible. But I recently downloaded this app that gives me a Passage for the day to read and then it goes into more detail in a way I can understand it. Then I reflect how it applies to my life. I wanted to create a place for myself to write my thoughts on what the daily Passage was. I realize not everyone is into this sort of belief. But for those who are, you are welcome to comment on it or anything :slight_smile:


Luke 8: 27-39
:heart: I have never been one to really read the Bible but I have been reading Passages daily every morning. This was today’s passage. And it hit me HARD. It talks about a man named Legion, an outcast who was possessed by demons. He saw Jesus and he begged for help. Jesus cast out the demons and Legion was free. Others were scared about what they saw. Legion wanted to go with Jesus as he left but Jesus said to go and tell others about this. Share his past and how Jesus saved him.
:yellow_heart: I can relate to this. I do have an intense past and I can’t count the number of times I begged God to help me. Many years ago as I began my healing journey, I would always hold onto certain things about my past (wether I was embarrassed by it or what… I don’t know) and I would rarely share about it with others. God has placed numerous people and supports in my life so that I was able to escape the grips of my past. I want to be of service to others and this is what I have been doing the past year or so. When I first got help many years ago back in Winnipeg, I felt alone with certain issues. Not many spoke about it and it was like some crazy secret that I thought I needed to keep to myself. But secrets keep us very ill. And I want others to know that they aren’t alone in their stories. Besides using my past as something purposeful, I also get to keep what I have by sharing what has worked for me. My experience, my strength, and my hope. I open up and share with others who are struggling via my online meetings mainly. And God will show me how I can help others who suffer in other various ways. I make sure when I share that its in a safe place. I don’t openly talk about things to just anyone. But when I know it’s the right time to share, I always do. Bcuz u never know how someone’s story can change someone else’s life.


Psalms 57:1-7
:blue_heart: Today’s passage spoke about David who was to be the next king of Isreal. David was faithfully serving the current King (King Saul), who in the end shouted out death threats to David. So David ran and hid in a cave. David doesn’t deny the darkness of his situation but he also doesn’t allow his soul to get stuck in despair. He reminds his soul of who God is, a God who is known for his faithfulness and love. During this dark time as David sat in this cave… Would he see this dark time as a womb or a tomb? Growth or despair? Would he focus on God’s goodness or give into hopelessness? David chose to believe that their is a purpose in every situation, even though we can not always figure out what that purpose is… asking God to create something new inside him.
:yellow_heart: I can relate to this as sometimes things have happened in my life (certain things in my past or the current medical condition of my son with his brainstem tumor), where I have had to make this choice. Am I am going to fall into a deep depression, where I am angry and hurt… or am I going to ask for God’s help (knowing his faithfulness and love), asking for His guidance in discovering what the purpose is behind what happened. I don’t always know that purpose. But what I DO know… is that God gives me the tools to get thru what’s happening. “Bad” things happen and I used to angry with God saying “how could you let this happen?”… but I began to realize that it wasn’t God’s doing. God doesn’t make sickness and pain happen, that’s the evil in this world. But God is there to help us get through it


Amen! Love this thread, I will be following it. God is good, all the time (through the good AND bad) Praising Him during both is very powerful. Anyway, glad to see you are reading the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth where the author loves its readers. Hope you have a good day :blush::blush:


January 06, 2022
Genius 50: 15-21
:purple_heart: Your Pain Has Purpose
This passage talks about Joseph. Joseph had brothers who were extremely mean to him. They tossed him into a pit and was left to die, and then eventually was wrongly sent to prison in a foreign land. Joseph could have stayed bitter but many years later, he told his brothers that what they intended for evil, God used for his good. God is full of intention. He has a purpose, a goal, and a plan for us. God was many steps ahead of Joseph’s brothers, redirecting their evil plan. God never takes his hands off the wheel of our lives. This means that our trials in life have a bigger purpose. God does not create evil, but he does enter into it, redirect it, and use it for good. In Joseph’s case, this was to build a stronger connection to God and to save others lives.
:green_heart: In the past, I would often wonder why I had to experience what I did. I could’ve easily let my past make me bitter and cold. But to be quite honest, if it wasn’t for my trials and hardships in life, I know I wouldn’t be the type of person I am today. I most likely wouldn’t have the relationship with God that I do. I probably wouldn’t be as compassionate or understanding of others struggles. I may not even be as helpful to others or be in the career field I am today. I understand that God does not create those bad things to happen. But he did definitely step in and turn all those things around and into something good. He gave me direction and a purpose in my life. I now help others who have been thru similar situations. I see the reality of situations where others may turn a blind eye… pretending like these things don’t exist. And my connection to God has greatly increased bcuz if it all. God is good!


I like ur post :slight_smile: thank u! I enjoy the readings every morning. I am usually irritable and slightly grumpy once I wake up (well I have been for the few days anyway). So I do my reading 1st and pray. And it helps :slight_smile: I’m so glad that u will get something out of these readings too!


There is no right or wrong here, only your truth. I’m so happy to be in this place, watching you overcome and grow. You are a beautiful person. :blue_heart:


Thank you for saying that. I have discussions with people about this. Particularly my mom. She has become very Christian… which is fine of course. She likes that she’s so involved in Christianity, but she pushes certain things about it on me. For example… I tell her my spiritually involves many things (the Aboriginal culture and their ways, God, crystals, angel cards etc). They do I guess sort of contradict each other lol but these work for me. She is ALWAYS saying that God is the only way… but my Higher Power is a combination of things that work for me. It drives me insane when she talks like that. Anyway… lol thank you for your beautiful compliment :green_heart: I feel the exactly the same way about you. Ur an incredible woman! And I love sharing this journey with you :slight_smile:


Hi Dana,

It’s something I struggled with as well, I always identified as a Christian but not with religion, I feel that a higher power is something personal a matter of faith, how you chose to pray, celebrate perform rituals, is personal and of your own choice, it’s what makes you feel a connection.

What pushed me away from organized religion was the you have to do it our way, it’s the only way. Kinda mentality, your relationship with god or any deities of your choosing is your own, if it makes you feel whole, warming, laugh cry at peace with oneself then you do what works for you.

As far as the Bible goes, I think we overthink it. While one could question the possibility of said acts happening, is neither here or there. But a lot of the stories in the Bible come with a “moral of the story” so to speak. Like how can you apply your readings to daily life?


I love your post!!! This is exactly how I feel :smiley: I relate very much to God but don’t believe I have to be in a church to connect or have to follow their way to the T to be spiritual. It truly is what works for us and what feels right for us. It’s a very personal thing. I like the Bible Passages bcuz I relate it to my life :slight_smile: I find it helpful. I truly believe that the connection I have to God today has helped me get to 8 days clean :slight_smile: thank u for ur post :slight_smile:


Amen sister! Love your posts and shares. Proud of you. Keep it up!


Genesis 50:20 hit me hard years ago.

I was never a believer or follower of anything moral or spiritual. I had so many bad examples of Christians around me growing up and organized religion is the killer of many things true about The God Ive come to know as a loving, caring and providing God.

I was, in fact, one who adamantly denied any such God and spoke openly how I felt humans put the Bible together years ago at what would now be a corporate round table to control us and conform us all.

Yet it was my addiction and the gift of desperation that led me to put up my fists, yell and cuss out in the air and challenge this so-called God to help me. Not without telling this thing to f-off and I don’t believe it would open doors for me to help me, love me and get me to my then, only son, who was 1000s of miles away.
Well, within 3 days , that God opened doors, moved me from Colorado to Georgia, 1.3 miles from where my son was living and surrounded me by people who were weird, at best, but non-judgemental, loving and genuinely cared about me…in spite of me.

So what these drugs meant to harm me , God used for good. That gift of desperation was used to get me help, love and be able to love myself and my son.

That was the beginning of my spiritual journey to the possibility of a force we humans call God and this force caring enough about wretched ol me to moved mountains on my behalf.

I read that same passage a year or so later and it hit my heart so hard and beautifully.

I now love and serve this Great God and have a desire and intention on opening a non-profit to love on those broken and in need, such as myself who are fully immersed within this dark world and need love, help and hope rekindled within the depths of their being.

Genesis 50:20 NIV -New International Version
20You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

Genesis 50:20- NLT - New Living Translation -You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.


Wow!!! Your story is absolutely incredible! This made me tear up actually. Just a beautiful story! U know some people tell me that God isn’t real. But when I look at my life, I truly can’t deny that there is something greater than myself working in my life. I literally should be dead and for some reason I’m not… thank God :heart:


Not for Naught


January 7, 2022
Luke 10: 38-42
Pursuing Goals or God?
:heartpulse: Today’s passage was about a woman named Martha. Jesus and his disciples were walking through a village when they stopped at a home where Martha and her sister Mary lived. Martha was the host and was overly consumed and distracted with everything that needed to be done while Jesus was visiting. Mary on the other hand was sitting by Jesus’ feet listening to Jesus and devoting her time to Him. Martha was upset. She asked Jesus to tell Mary to help her with the tasks. Jesus loved both Martha and Mary, however in that moment, Jesus was more delighted with Mary’s decision to be with him, rather than Martha’s decision to serve him. Jesus wanted Martha’s wholehearted devotion first.
Getting your heart right first, that’s the most important place to start.
:orange_heart: For me, setting time first thing in the morning for reading God’s word and prayer, has made a huge impact on my life. Most of my life I never dedicated this time to God, and now I wish I had. I wake up, get my coffee, I sit down and read a short passage off an app (that maybe takes a few minutes of my time), and then I reflect on what I’ve read… which is what I’m doing here. I spend time thinking about how it applies to my life. And then I pray for myself and others. I used to be the type to literally jump out of bed, rush to get ready and start my day. I’d be so busy getting things done that I’d forget to even connect with God, which in turn threw my entire day off. Often times I was miserable, exhausted, and overwhelmed. But when I connect with God 1st thing in the morning, it reminds me of my priorities, that with God I can tackle anything that happens today. It reminds me of what is important in life. For me that’s my connection to God, my recovery, my health, my family and friends, and being in the moment. I make sure that I make time for this every morning (even if I don’t feel like it or even if I have too much to do). God comes 1st so that I can continue to stay clean and sober, happy, joyous, and free :slight_smile:


I was raised Pentecostal, and my parents and family back home are all still in the church. My mom and dad are unable to see any way to God other than the one they’ve been taught by their pastors. I do understand there’s more to it than that… they pray, they’re good and decent people, they have fellowship with other good and decent church members, and they know the Bible forwards and backwards. It’s their interpretation of certain scriptures and their tenacity of holding on so tightly to their beliefs that draws a line between them and me. I once talked to my mom about how nature and being up in these mountains made me feel so much closer to God than I ever did in a church, that I felt a freedom to talk openly like I never experienced before. By her reaction you would’ve thought I was about to be struck down by lightning. :upside_down_face: She told me I needed a shepherd to lead me on the right path. She was aghast that I chose not to kneel when talking to God. She doesn’t believe I can have that relationship, and God actually hear me, if I’m not being led by a “man of God”. So I don’t share my spiritual thoughts with her anymore, because it distresses her. That’s the last thing I want. I feel that the more we open our hearts to new and healthy ways of being better humans, we learn that there’s much more to consider than the “one way” theory. Walt Whitman said “… re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul…” I love this. And I love that you’re choosing a path that sits right with your soul. :heart:


Thank you for sharing! Ultimately we are the ones that have to live our lives. We are the ones that will need to be okay with our decisions when we lay our heads on our pillows. I used to defend myself alot to my mom when she’d make comments about me smudging or with my crystals etc. But I got tired of repeating myself lol its almost like she needs reassurance that I am believing the way she believes. Anyway, I do what works for me. Just like ur doing what works for u. And now I just say to her, “I hear and understand what your saying mom. My Higher Power is a combination of things. And I have many things in my spiritual toolkit that works for me”. She’s usually okay with that statement :slight_smile:


And honestly, and this is just my opinion… but it kind of turns me off when strict religion has these “rules”. Everyone gets dressed up fancy for church and there’s rules about how to connect to God and this and that. I feel like God would want us as we are, broken or not! I dont feel like I need to be in a church to connect. I can be anywhere or doing absolutely anything and pray. Why does there need to be rules lol


January 08, 2022
Ephesians 2: 4-10
What are you here for?
:yellow_heart: Today’s reading was written by Paul and talks about our purpose in life. It speaks about how God created us in his image and how he reminds us that we are his masterpiece. It should take our breath away knowing that Someone feels that way about us! God loves what he created… question is, do we love what God created in us? Do we put ourselves down? Do we compare ourselves to others? Do we often look at what is wrong with us, instead of what is right? If so, Paul tells us to stop right there! That is not what God thinks! God loves us very much! And as soon as we realize that, we can begin living with purpose - as God’s masterpiece. Let us own that!
:heartpulse: This is a tough one for me honestly. I have often put myself down or focused on the negative. At the age of 16, I was already asking my family or my supports, “What is wrong with me?” Addiction was in full force, my mental health was not well at all, getting in trouble with the law, and suffering from abuse an trauma from experiences with the opposite sex. It seemed much easier to focus on the “bad” things about me, than the “good”. Since changing my life around completely, I don’t tend to put myself down AS often. But it happens… especially about my health/outward appearance. And I have noticed lately that I am comparing myself to others a lot. But… this passage tells me that I am a masterpiece. Perfect in God’s eyes. He loves me no matter what I look like or whats going on in my life. And I feel like when I place God first and foremost in my life, everything falls into place, my recovery, my finances, my relationships, my career, my health, and of course how I feel about myself. With God guiding me each day and with me doing the next right thing, I feel 100% better about myself and the “good” things about me shine through!


January 09, 2022
Psalms 63: 1-8
Putting Jesus First
Today’s passage talks about daily living. How it is easy for us to get side tracked with daily tasks and daily living and “forget” to put Jesus 1st. Sometimes our pursuit for happiness or for opportunities can get in the way of pursuing Jesus. When God comes 1st in our lives, blessings and opportunities come much faster to us and in rovide ourselves.