My Journey, so far

Hey guys! It’s been day 38 since I relapsd and it’s one heck of an achievement to me! But as other journey, I’m starting to experience many obstacles that tempted me to relapse. I know, I just need to be more patient so I can be liberated from this addiction. Keep fighting guys! It’s a war for our freedom!


Good job! Yep those underlying issues are going to start surfacing (going through the same). Stay in the game!

Maybe a meeting might help you with thoughts of relapse ,they helped me and i havnt had one yet wish you well


All those sudden urges, all those damn pornographic ads that popped out outta nowhere, and the curious feeling of ‘what happened if I relapse? It’s been a tiring day’ or some sort. But I know, relapse will never give me the satisfaction I need, so why should I?

Remember to just stay confident in yourself & we are our own worst enemy but we can also be our very own best friend too!

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