My partner hurt me emotionally

My partner of now almost 30 years, did something unbelivably stupid and hurtful. Now I am hurt, angry and sad. I don’t even know what to say. I’m just hurting.


Sending a big hug to you. Here if you wanna talk at all. I got screamed at today as well, quite bitterly, by my partner so I’m feeling a sadness too.

They say love hurts, which is fucking stupid, Hurt PEOPLE hurt people… But I hope yours is not past talking through together. Was your partner hurt or acting out at all, perhaps there’s a context you can dig into.


Sending you big hugs :people_hugging:
Be gentle with yourself and be sure to take time for some self care. It’s all about you and your feelings right now. The emotional hangover is a bitch and can last for days.


He started an emotional relationship with a good friend of ours and they fell in love with each other. He told me on Sunday evening and I’m still hurting.
He is supposed to end it today and work through his emotional problems that led to this situation.
I put things in very clear terms, set the boundaries, talked to people that support me.
It just hurts :frowning:


I. Am. So. Sorry.

I really don’t know how to be supportive or what to say, but I wanted you to know I’m here if you need me to be. Sending you so much love and virtual hugs… :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: let me know how to support you and what you need


Oh my love. All I can do is really send my whole ear to you. I don’t even know where to start with that, I can imagine your pain. I’m so sorry :heart::heart::heart:


Thank you all. I just need a few kind words of support. I used to deal with my feelings by myself. I learned here that sharing really helps. It’s better than being alone with my feelings.


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Make sure you identify what you need and want primarily in line with your family responsibilities. Don’t leave yourself out in this. :heart:


I can only imagine the emotional storm of hurt, betrayal, and devastation you must be feeling right now. Do you both have access to a good psychologist? Personal and couple therapy can sometimes be useful in times like this.

I’m glad that you’ve been reaching out instead of keeing to yourself, and that you set clear terms and proper boundaries. This is a large breach of trust and it will take time for you to fully process and work through all the emotions.

My heart goes out to you in this situation.


Im really sorry your feeling so hurt, sending love and hugs, you will get through this :heartbeat: :people_hugging:


I’m so sorry, Aga. That’s devastating! :broken_heart:


Some words of support that I hope help in some very small way at least:

I am so very proud of you for reaching out … I know as well as you and many others that being vulnerable in a public platform can be difficult, but you reached out.

That also makes you so strong in my book.

I love your posts on here and get enjoyment and fulfillment out of reading them.

You’re so important and needed and deserving of sobriety.

Take this day a moment at a time friend.


That has to be so painful. I’m so sorry to hear that for you. :hugs:
While I have no words of wisdom , just wanted to say how brave you are for taking this head on and sharing. I’m certain there will be some good advice but mostly I hope you can work this out.

That trust thing is a tricky tricky situation


That hurts so bad.
Good of you to vent here, to people around you and set boundaries.
Wanna give you a big hug :people_hugging:
My ex partner betrayed me 25 years ago. We had a relationship of 10 years. So I know how it feels.


This is just awful. Stay strong!


Sorry you’ve been hurt like that. Times may seem dark now but I’m sure you’ll come out the other side.


Thank you everyone. Your kind words and emotional support means a lot to me. As I already wrote I used to deal with my feelings by myself. The fact that I chose to share here means how safe I feel here.
Your support has now established a path in my brain that sharing emotions is good, feels good and can be safe. Thank you for helping me learn this :hugs: :mending_heart:


That is so devastating. It sounds like you are being very logical about what you expect, which is admirable. I am glad you are also reaching out here to let out some emotional steam too. I hope your partner understands how lucky he is to have someone so stable and understanding.


I am so sorry that you are hurting. I can’t imagine the pain and shock you are feeling. Sending you massive hugs and love.

Here for you my friend. I do hope that writing here helps :hugs: :hugs: