My Sobriety Vision

This morning is very different for me. Being regulated, calm and being aware of my body. I had an amazing session with my oldest daughter yesterday with our trauma/family counselor.

Drawing back to myself - the counselor was marvelled at the deep work I have done in trauma therapy on myself. Honestly it has been me - along side of my counselor (who also knows the work I am doing and is aware of the knowledge I have). She kept saying in such a short amount of time to do what your mother has done and to show it here in this counseling session. All I could say is thank you to her.

I want to help others with trauma. I am determined to finish all my courses this year. I am going to build on everything I have learned and applied. Respecting each experience is different and always room for flexibility. They don’t have to trust me, they don’t have to heal ‘this’ way and therapy isn’t ‘this rigid model.’ Knowing the basic fundamentals of what trauma therapy is, knowing my own ACE score with the odds not being in my favour. Resilience is my heart’s mission for myself and others.

I don’t know who would eventually hire me, I know I will be an incredible assest to any team should they decide to make me apart of their team and family.

Things are in alignment for me. Now I see the deeper work I have done and continue to do, I have struck gold. Being in sobriety offers the chance and change to regulate on my own without any DOC. Simple but so difficult.

Bracing and affirming my new vision.



Amazing what sobriety can bring to mindfulness. Happy for your thoughts on moving forward and making solid plans!!!

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