My story as best i can⁹

Hi all. I guess this is my story. I grew up in pub in ireland. I had my first drink at age 12 and loved it from the very beginning. I often here people say them became an alcoholic. I potentially was one from the very start. For the next 12 years most aspects of my life involved alcohol. It got me through my exams. It gave me confidence to chat to girls and find friends. But it also was the cause of every problem i had in life and every time i got in trouble was because i was drunk. I wont bore ye with the details but i spent the latter years of my drinking and drugging in trouble. Running and dodging and hiding. Till the 26th of December 2005 when i could hide no more and it eventually drove me insane. I broke down and gave in. I had to do something. I spent 28 days in rehab which by the way i hated every minute of. But after finding my way into AA i softened. I met the most wonderful people in the world. People just like me. I spent my life using drink and drugs trying to fit in and now i needed nothing to be accepted. With help and support and some service. I am lucky enough to have not needed to use again. I have a life today and here’s the thing. I am in simple terms Contentedly Sober. To everyone starting out like i did. It is possible no matter what your age , background, race, or religion. We are all the same and we will battle on together.


Hi @Robbie_Vaughan! Thank you for sharing your story. I’m really glad you have found your tribe. You are an inspiration! I have just mentioned you to someone on another thread that is stuck and is at the stage where it feels like we can not ever be free of booze. Please could you maybe say a few words to him? He needs to know that there is life after alcohol and that we can break the chains :pray:t2::two_hearts: god bless you x

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There you go my Irish brother meetings make it easier as you said meet the most wonderfull people and your journey has got better like you ive stayed sober since my first meeting keep on trucking

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