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Thank you to Everyone

Hello to everyone in this community. I have been reading all of your posts the last two months or so and relating to so many different experiences of my own. I am at 40 days sober and crushed my last record of 25 and I credit it to downloading this app and reading the threads in this forum. I want to say thank you to everyone of you that has the courage to post such personal information in hopes of helping others. I am doing the same now. At 40 days I am still a rookie, but a few things I want to share i’ve learned over time with trial and error and will post below…i am 37 and first got drunk 1mo before my 17th bday. I loved it ever since. I am a binge drinker. Going 10,12, 20 days without drinking is common for me, as is drinking/eating nothing but liquor for 2 ,3, 4 days straight is a 50/50 chance when I decide to “unwind” i grew up with a hardnosed father and my mother died my first day of college after being in a coma for 6wks in the hospital, admitted from liver and kidney failure from 10yrs of everyday stagger induced hard alcohol drinking. As I fallen on my face trying to quit and somehow managing to keep my wife n family after they have seen me sooooo many times out of my mind I want to share a few things that have helped me reach my current stretch…#1 DOWN LOAD THIS APP AND READ THE CONTENT! #2 never quit quitting…meaning if u have a real desire to cut back or stop completely, then when you backslide, get back up and try again. don’t be discouraged. U will get stronger and stronger. You don’t bust out 200 push-ups day one at the gym. Mental exercise is the same as physical exercise. It takes time to build up your strength in both forms. #2 remember there are alot of other things that bring u joy other than alcohol. For me, a father of two whose world revolves around those kids, I am honest in that the rush alcohol gives me is what pleases me most. #3…I never look at quitting like “I will never drink again” for me, the thought was too overwhelming. I simplified way down to “I’m just taking a break” and seeing how long I can make that break. Again, from the bottom of my heart I thank everyone here for sharing and caring for your fellow man and woman Best of wishes to all of u. Contact me at will if necessary. Thank you!!!


What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing:)

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“Mental exercise is the same as physical exercise.” That’s a great way to put it. And ain’t that the truth in learning to be sober? There are often times when I think I’ll join my husband with a little vodka, or think about having some wine when cooking. A little would turn into a lot, so that’s just a no go. I’ve noticed as of late (when I’m justifying in my mind) I tell myself, no… I don’t drink. It’s been super helpful to repeat that as a regular thought. Hope that helps anyone who happens to read it! :grin:


I totally agree with your methodology- I had to build up lots of times between drinking to convince myself that I was capable of a longer period of time. It was too scary at first. But now that the cycle of daily drinking has been broken I am so much stronger, and after a few months I’ve committed to a whole year. But it took a lot of work to get here!


After speaking with my wife (after an 11month relapse) that I was done, and done for good. No “I’ll see if I can quit for awhile”. Nope. I accepted the finality of “never again”, that the future that I want has no room in it for my drinking…and the desire was pretty much gone. It has stayed gone.

I know I won’t drink. I won’t let myself down like that, won’t go back there again. Press on regardless.

Whatever it takes, and if at some time it takes going to meetings, or rehab. I don’t need that right now, but I will if needs be. My sobriety means everything, because it means freedom.


I told my wife i was going to quit for good on the 1st of jan. She gave me a look, and a swmi eye roll. I had a previous sober stint of almost 2 months before i took it back up.

I was totally ok mentally with the thoughts of never having another drink. The other go around i wasn’t

I had also tried all the other things many of us try. Cut back, only on the weekends, a different booze. Never works.

Anyway, im happy as a pig in shit with the sober me.


We’ve accepted and won’t settle for one day short of “forever”. That’s why we will win.


Yea I shoot down the part of my brain that trys to say " a little bit wont hurt and it would be so perfect right now" I just say NOPE and go distract myself lol

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Thank you. I have read so many of your comments

Yea and the personal goal for me is to remain sober. I just had to simplify it down from “forever” to “not now asshole” lol


Whatever works, keep doing it until it doesn’t work.

Thanks. I know…Al these gadgets we use and mind games we have to play with ourselves. That’s the struggle we have. It’s better than cancer or another condition that others are dealt