My story , turned out different

I just wanted to say, I spent a long while writing my story that stemmed from my childhood, realizing that it was going to be a novel so I gave up; completely deleted it and started typing this… In the end, I feel good I got it out and I didn’t have to keep it inside. I at least got those traumas and secrets out of my head for once. I’m still working on my first step in the step working guide, and still opening up to my sponsor daily. So my story is still continuing, but I feel so much relief right now. I’m an addict Addicted to sex, drugs, cutting, controlling my eating habits, but I realized I’m not in control. This stuff was actually controling me🤦… Thanks for letting me get that out. Wasnt at all what I intended on sharing. Hugs


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! Ya, once I was typing it all and actually getting in depth I was overloading my brain with "oh. crap…this is why we don’t do it all at once…I can’t handle this…DELETE! DELETE! " :joy: this is why I’m greatful for the step working guide, making me realize not to jump ahead because I CANT handle it all at once, at least not now. And that’s okay! Lol!


Girl, you are doing the right things. Congrats on finding the strength to do it and the courage to continue to move in the right direction.


I know you means a novel as far as writing a huge spiel online. But… have you ever actually tried to write a novel about your experiences?

Last year for National Novel Writing Month, I wrote my entire history beginning with my childhood and about my various addictions. It was SO therapeutic. And now I am working on trying to turn it into a memoir I hope to publish in some form. Even if I don’t however, the first writing was a HUGE relief for me and really helped me see patterns and understand my addictions a lot better.


I do the same things in regards to having something I want to get off my chest here. I type away, type away, read it, then realize I how long it is. Then I delete it myself and just get to the point of my thoughts and feelings. At the end of the day, everyone is different and unique and must express themselves in their own way in order to heal. I commend you on your efforts. Never give up and keep going at it with determination and grit ^.^


Absolutely!!! The act of writing it out can be cathartic AND intense…sharing that with others works for some people and may not for others. We all have different thresholds of comfort with sharing. I find journaling to be helpful to just get that stuff out…clears my head and allows me to reflect and see patterns, growth, denial, etc etc. For me, my story is a very long one (I drank and drugged for 40+ years)…it would be a novel and so much of that I put to bed long ago.

Do what feels right for YOU. :heart: And great job in sharing!!


I actually have thought about it. What’s funny is during my active addiction when I would be up all night I would be looking up ideas on how to properly write a book, because I LOVE to write. I have all my journals from childhood in a lock box. But I’m too afraid of someone reading my thoughts :joy::joy:🤦🤦 but I have thought about it, and it’s amazing how theraputic writing is. I’m horrible at speaking but my mind goes a million miles per hour. So I need to write. Thank you for your reply.


Thank you for your reply and relating! Hugs friend!

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You can do it, remember, when you feel like giving up. Think why you started.

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Wow, I unbelievably needed that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart