My struggles with drinking

Hi. I’m trying really hard to stop drinking but I keep relapsing. Trying to find the strength in myself. Just reaching out for the first time


Welcome to Talking Sober Nicki! Very glad you found us! You know, however I tried I couldn’t do it on my own. It started working when I reached out and found the strength in others like me, in a group of like minded spirits. I found that here but it it can also be found in groups like SMART, Dharma, AA, NA, and other recovery groups.

Don’t go it alone! We need each other. Grateful to see you here. Hope you get to experience the support and learning this place has to offer. Welcome again and wishing you all success in your sober journey friend.


Welcome, Nick. What Menno said. Have a good read around, see what you find helpful. Lots of resources and support here.:heart:


Yes im right there with you, we are here getting up and fighting, stay on here ots a fantastic app ,really does help stay intouch on your journey we all need each other

Thank you so much. I have relapsed again and not feeling very good. I am in a space now that I need to stop and stick with it. I’m glad to be here and have support.

Welcome back Nicki. Please use all the support that you can find. Can’t do it alone friend :people_hugging:.

Hi. This is my new day one after relapsing again. I have a positive outlook and am ready for the future. Just not feeling good at the moment but I know it will pass. I am going to throw away all the alcohol in my house and keep my head held high!

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Excellent plan!! What else are you going to do differently this time? What was it that triggered this last bout, and how will you change when triggered again??

For me, it was the realization of: one is too many and 1,000 is never enough. I’m never going to satisfy myself - just make myself ill with poison in search of whatever lies my mind is conveying. It gets easier each time you practice saying no to the first one!

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Glad you came back. Keep trying something new until you find something that sticks. It’s different for everyone. I was a chronic relapser and it wasn’t til I finally surrendered to the AA program that I found my peace and hope.