My summed up story

On this September first I would have been sober for 4 years. I hit my bottom during my final black out drunk days that will follow me the rest of my life. On this Novenmber 16 I would have been married for 15 years. Since I was 18 I was partying almost every weekend then as I got older the weekends got longer. I have 2 kids and they have seen me buzzed, tipsy and flat out passed out. Nice right? I’m up for father of the year for that time. I quit drinking cold turkey and the main thing that got me through it was seeing a therapist and candy bars. Lots and lots of candy bars oh and ginger ale. The fizz helps. Anyway after being completely sober not even cough syrup I turned my life around. I talked to my kids about why I quit I was around more but I did not like to go out to parties or bars anymore. My wife still drank and kept beer, wine and liquor in the house but my determination was greater than my cravings. On December 21, 2016 my wife told me she was no longer in love with me, she loves me but not in love. She wants that warm fuzzy new love and doesn’t think she ever truly loved me. Needless to say my world fell apart. Right before the holidays I had to play it off and try everything to get her back even start drinking with her once in a while. I figured I can handle it I’m not afraid of it anymore. I drank 5 times during a 3 month period and the last day I drank I was sneaking beer trying to keep the kids from seeing and I drove everyone in my boat not far but far enough to know I was wrong. I looked at my kids and my wife and I knew not thought knew that drinking was not for me. So I quit again. I am 1 month and some change in and on only 3 occasions other then this time have I actually said I’m an alcoholic. Binge drinking was my specialty but when it is said and done I’m an alcoholic. My kids need to see that there is more to life then watching it going by on a bar stool. I need to see more of this world through clear eyes. I may not get my wife back and I’m am truly sad but I cannot go back to the party life. So here I am today. I run, walk, kayak eat sugar and build bird houses anything to keep me busy and away from the beer. Thanks for reading. Stay strong there is a better you inside of you, you just have to keep working on it. I wish all of you the best.


Good story thanks for sharing; ) wellcome back to the sober life!

I’m so sorry. I ruined a loving relationship with my drinking too and can relate to the guilt. Wish instead of leaving he’d have encouraged me. That’s what I needed, not judgment or guilt.

Still live with these feelings and it caused me to drink more. I’m so happy you have quit for so long. Please keep it up.

You are right that your kids deserve to see more but you do too! You deserve to be in the moment with them because we all know how quickly they grow up. Took me a long time to say the word alcoholic too. Keep going!

Thx it feels good to be sober. I don’t think I could have gotten through the separation process if I was drinking.

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My wife and i parted company after 13 years of marriage prob due to my drinking( 30+ years ago ) , two weeks after i left i stopped drinking ? and that was a long long time ago everyone have agreat day

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Thanks for sharing bud. I’m glad you came back! “Build bird houses, anything to keep busy”. Love that! Seriously Anything to keep busy! Also love the “there is a better you inside you”.

Good stuff man. Thanks for sharing