My tips to staying motivated &helping others

My motivation to staying sober is my son!
But Also my tips to giving back with helping others staying motivated is always having an OPEN EAR! for others to explain their current situations or struggles in Daily life :dna: with staying sober. Ive learned talking through things is great to do because it isn’t good to keep things bottled up inside or keep building because that starts to create stress and you don’t want that with early recovery bc it could possibly cause a relapse and that’s always the last thing we all want in this journey!

Othe tips of mine are

  • staying positive in your mindset
  • keeping a journal
  • learning to manage your new emotions your going to feel because when we were once foggy we didn’t see of think clearly to make the right choices
  • keep around only people who want your best interests
  • last but not least try to gain PATIENCE!!!
    That’s just to start out a few to help anyone out hope this post was helpful :two_hearts::new::white_check_mark::four_leaf_clover::pray::+1::sunflower::partying_face::100::people_hugging::speaking_head::muscle::raised_hands::handshake::selfie::people_holding_hands::couplekiss_man_woman::family::rainbow::sun_with_face::monkey_face: