My Two Year Journey

Hi there,

My name is Hunter and from the age of 13 I have battled an addiction to alcohol and drugs. It startrd with a childhood illness that left me confined to a wheelchair. I hated myself, couldn’t face my life feeling trapped to my chair and wanted to feel free again. Drinking at a young age was acceptable where I grew up and I fell in with a crowd of people who all drank.

I found myself to be different, I would get angry when the drinking stopped. Constantly craving more and more and more. It ripped my teen years from me as I fell into drugs to further escape my own reality. After many hospitalizations, I realised that I had a serious problem and I had to stop.

I went to my first A.A meeting and was met with joy, encouragement and hope. Things that had been missing in my life for so long. I attended a meeting every single day for nearly six months. Since that day, I have remained clean and sober for over two years and here are some of the most incredible things that have happened to me;

I’ve gotten into university, I’ve learned to drive, I’ve moved to a beautiful part of the country, I have my lovely little dog with me, I have a partner (that I’m soon to propose to), I have my own little car and I take part in so many different sports.

I’ve found myself again, I know who I am. Every day is a new day and at first I could never see this for myself. I’m so incredibly grateful for all of this and for the friends I’ve made through both A.A and N.A.

My advice to anyone reading this; love yourself. Be the truest version of you. Better days are coming but you can’t give up before the miracle happens. It will be hard but it will be so worth it.

I believe in you and good luck :heart:


Awesome share Hunter. Great to see it working so well for you.
Stick around you will have a lot of advice for us all.


Wow, what a encouraging story! Thank you for sharing it with me! :heart:
And congratulations with your 2 sober years :tada:

Thank you for posting this!

Made my day Hunter , meetings make it easier wish you well

I was chiming in to say the same as @Ray_M_C_Laren…reading that made my day! So glad to hear your story, excited to hear about this proposal buddy!

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Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!!!