Na meeting advice please

So i been to 2 meetings in a row and they always ask newcomers to introduce themselves. I still haven’t done this my anxiety goes through the roof talking in front of groups. I feel like one guy is kinda calling me out with some of his stories he shares. I just am not comfortable


I don’t know anything about this. Since it’s been two hours since you posted I thought I’d post and tell you more replies should be forthcoming from people who are more familiar with NA.

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As a newcomer you are on of the most important people in the room and everybody there will remember when they first walked through the doors. We tend to make a lot of things about ourselves as addicts you could either be doing that when hearing shares or there is a possibility he could be tailoring his share to his experiences that he believes would benefit any newcomers in the room, it is highly unlikely he is doing so with any malice. He may have had exactly the same issues opening up when he was a newcomer himself and hearing similar shares may have been what asked him to open up, the possibilities are endless.
Either way the thing to do would be to get there early and just talk to a couple of the people there who are helping to get set up, it will be the best thing you have done for some time​:pray::pray: