NA meeting tomorrow, councilor and sponcer will probably be there

I graduated from a 90 day program, Ive been out for mostly a week . On my 3rd day I was out I relapsed, their was a lot of bad news going around when I was out. But none of that was a trigger for me. I was kinda stressed and cleaning my room, threw away a lot of stuff ( plates, straws, cash with residue, baggies) . But I found old bag of dope. I’ve never done meth before only sold it(fentanyl was my DOC), but when I found it my impulsion kicked in and I used . It started a 3 day binge, no sleep or eat , or conversated with family. On the 3rd day , I felt like my situation was only getting worse. So I stopped and dumped the rest of the dope away. I’m still dealing with the psychological effects of using that. Haven’t used since the day I stopped and threw away the rest. Nobody knows about it but I feel like I should say something tomorrow in my NA meeting. I’ve been in high spirits, positive, and more dedicated to my recovery. I know the right thing to do is tell someone. But I’m tired of disappointing people I care about. So I stayed quiet. Any advice ?

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Just get it out in the open and start again your not the first and won’t be the last to make that mistake pick yourself up and restart not being honest will take you back to using I’ve been there before well done on your 90days you can do it again and further this time


I would advice to be open in your group. They will support you. It will help you. If I put myself in your situation I would feel awful if people in my group would cheer at some clean time that is actually not correct. There is the time to be honest. We all have to be honest first to ourselves.

And welcome to TS. :slightly_smiling_face::blossom:


Most people relapse after rehab including myself, don’t be ashamed, your friends and family would rather you were honest than living a lie, it can take 2,3,4 or 100 attempts to stay sober so never give up, never keep quiet it will eat you up, speaking is the best therapy you can have.

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We know about it. That’s the luxury of NA. You come here, mainly to your NA meeting and tell it. Tell it all. The ones who HELP you stay sober. There, here, where your at a meeting, you may find no shame but the same goal. Sobriety