Nearly 6 Months Sober

Sober clock is coming close to the 6 month mark! I have really enjoyed my sobriety this time round and I am starting to reap the benefits of this change. I have relapsed 3 times in my life, I’m writing this to help and impact someone else’s journey.

I have recently gained control of my diet, training hard in the gym and feeling good. I really struggled with both of these whilst using.

I am actively seeking a new job and getting away from the dead end job I was happy to work whilst using.

I feel so much clearer and know what I want from life, I have much better relationships with family and friends.

As I said I have relapsed 3 times and have lost loads of time and parts of myself to drugs and alcohol, keep going and dust yourself off, there is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how hard it feels to change, it’s possible, and believe me it’s 100% worth it!


Congratulations Jack! 6 months is awesome! :muscle:t2::clap:t2::tada: Seems like you’re really getting you life back on track.

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Thanks Jessie, I’m getting there, slowly but surely life is coming back!


Hello I’m a heroin addict with almost six months sobriety,that’s the longest in ten years before that the best I o do was 31 days. This time feels different have a good mindset I found good hobbies the only thing I find different and I’m not trying to be silly but I’m a lot more hornier now and my wife doesn’t share the same sexual desires as I do, other than that I’m going strong and I don’t see myself stopping I see myself being done with heroin for life.

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Congrats :sparkler:
And welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman: