Nearly achieved day 5

So we decide on our journey & in not saying for members of family to stop but dont you get sick and tired of the same behaviours ! 3am husband comes strolling in literally had no sleep cuz all house gets woken up ! Then the moods in the morning it was just a one off a blow out normally my blow out are cuz of arguing with you ! Theres an excuse for every behaviour! Happy or sad ! & will be the same tonight !!! But as ive woke up even with very little sleep In proud that I have the strength to say No !!


I’m so happy and proud of you . You definitely notice more of how others act when we are clean and soba. I just been into town for some shopping and saw a guy who I drank with years ago … he was on his way to the pub still doing the same as he did years ago ! I’m so greatful to be in recovery and content with my life today i wouldn’t trade it in for any drink or drug x

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Thanks it feels good to be fresh !! Husband tsays he needs make big changes himself but tonight hes having drinks with friends!! Same shit all wkend

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Keep on a moving each day is a new day to grow and learn and most importantly get use to being comfortable saying THANKS BUT NO THANKS…

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Jesus!!! It looked like you were writing about my life. Nearly achieved 5 days and I did struggle last night with partner because he was drunk and I was looking at him, thinking I couldn’t cope sober with his attitude so maybe I should drink with him, gladly I didn’t do it and this morning, I was very tired but so happy and proud