Nearly into double figures!

I can usually get to about 20-25 days and then the cheating happens!! The sly mini bottle here and there, soon becomes a regular one a day, and once I get away with that then it’s 2 a day until b4 I turn round I’m being overconfident and get caught out!! Trouble is I’m a daytime drinker, I much prefer a day drink to a night drink, many a time it’s been an early morning drink!! This change will happen, I’m excited to feel proud of myself!!


Maybe try a meeting wish you well

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Was nothing worse than getting caught out when drinking. I get a strong Yorkshire accent as soon as I’ve had a few drinks so my partner knows when I’ve had a drink-

What I used to do is purposely fall out with her so I didn’t have to speak to her so I wouldn’t get caught out- the lengths I went to be able to drink were stupid


AA meetings helped me. You’ll be welcomed with open arms. What are you doing to stay off the booze? Any changes in your life? I wish you all the luck in the world


I’ve gone DIY and craft making mad!!

Well done Bethan. Just keep in mind where in the past you have started the secret drinking and just put more effort into ignoring the urges. Take it one day at a time. Each day sober is a victory.
Stay strong and remember to smile :grinning:

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