Need advice help

My co workers are going out and invited me to a bar but I don’t feel like I will last in that environment how do I politely say no without having to explain I’m an alcoholic I work in a pharmacy and I don’t want to have to explain myself


You have plans early in the morning?

You are on a diet?

You dont feel like it.

You have a date with your tv.


You could say “I don’t drink,” or if you’re comfortable with it you could say “I’m sober.” You aren’t obligated to give anyone an explanation.

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Hmm…I sometimes go back and forth about this topic but it always comes back to the fact they will likely eventually find out that you are sober anyway so you might as well put some cards on the table.

Eventually you might be able to go with and not be tempted to drink. Looking someone dead in the eye and telling them that you do not drink with a confident stance often stops the questioning.


You can use any excuse you want to not go and take care of you and your sobriety. Congrats on making such an awesome decision. Sobriety is great.

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When I couldn’t find a better excuus I would call in sick because of foodpoisoning :face_with_peeking_eye:

Say oh i am sorry i have already made plans, end of conversation, no need for further explanation

When I have to say I don’t drink, I say that I take meds incompatible with alcohol. No one will try to force you in this case unlike with other explanations.

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when you don’t feel comfortable, don’t go. sobriety comes first. no explanation needed. a simple thanks for the invitation I won’t join is perfectly ok.

Just tell them your having a break from booze thanks but no thanks

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“I’m so sorry, but I won’t be able to make it. I have plans.” No explanation needed. Or if they ask, you are getting together with friends - us!

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I’ve been pretty unashamed of saying “I don’t drink” I’m proud of it, I like to see the reaction. Most people are decent.

I’m sure this has already passed but I’ve been using Dry January as a reason for now. Most people get that.

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