Need Advice on Kicking Fentanyl

I’ve been able to kick almost every other drug out there—but Fentanyl has a strong, significant hold on me. I’ve managed to cut down, but running out is simply not an option. But I need it to be one. Unfortunately, my biggest obstacle is pain—I have a lower spine condition that has worsened over time, and will eventually result in me losing the ability to use my legs, my dock won’t work, and I’ll have to rely on a bladder bag…and I am terrified of this outcome, because I don’t want to live a life like this. So, I continue to use Fentanyl. Both prescribed by my doctor for pain, and from my dealer, because the doctor can only prescribe so much.


Welcome to the site @sebastian9
I’m glad you are here and that you will find resources and support. The bad thing about getting fentanyl from your dealer is you have more of a chance of overdosing and dying and that’s not so good, you have a lot to live for despite your significant health problem and pain. I don’t know where you are I don’t know what kind of health services are available to you. I don’t know what you have tried, etc.
I don’t know anything about being on fentanyl for pain.
It’s good that @Dazercat directed you to the thread that he did. There is help and support for you here at this site.
Again, I don’t know about your particular injury or problem in your spine. I do know that often times, sometimes, surgery and injections can help and also that gabapentin can be used for pain. I’m glad that you have managed to get your dose down lower and without really knowing anything about it would recommend asking your physician what you can do to further decrease your pain and help eliminate the chance of more problems in the future. Support here for you for the significant problems that you have and have to deal with. I hope there will end up being a good answer for you.