Need encouragement tbh

I feel sad. I wanna quit drinking. This is my day one… And another attempt at quiting…I lost my job I was skipping work. Disappointed and ashamed in myself for letting down my husband I love him so much… And I just want to be a better person. :frowning:


Welcome here. Day 1 is great. Do you have a sober plan? Think about AA or some other program. Keep checking in here for support.


Welcome! I’m also new in here and I’m on a day 2 feeling like shit, full of fear, anxiety, sadness and hopelesness. But I know that everything will be better as long as we stay sober. So kudos to you for a day one! You got this, eventually everythings gonna be allrite!


Welcome aboard, @Juliena ! I’m glad you found TS. There is a lot of support and good advice here, so have a read around and see what you find helpful. Congratulations on taking on this journey to a better you!:peace_symbol::heart:


Welcome! First days are hard but you’re here and we can help. Lean on us, read our stories, you can do this. Stop the cycle and be proud of your first minutes, hours sober!!


Sorry to hear that @Juliena. I know it’s hard. You are not alone. There are many people here who have been in exactly your shoes.

How did today go?


These feelings you have are common unfortunately. Very early withdrawal is not a fun experience. Then again, niether is active addiction.

Good news is you still have a hubby and you’re sober (even if for a day).

You have the desire to stop, but going it alone isn’t going to work. This is great place to start. You can borrow my sober plan for now until you get your own :blush:

But for now…go easy on yourself and give yourself grace.


  1. Trust God. Always and w/everything. Let go & let God. Nothing is impossible!

  2. Be kind. Show compassion, love and forgiveness to yourself (and others). You ARE worthy!

  3. One day at a time. We are only promised today. Be in the present. :man_in_lotus_position:

  4. Sleep. Blessed sleep. :sleeping:

  5. Exercise & Yoga. :muscle:

  6. Eat a good diet and drink lots of water.

  7. Laughter. Fun. Joke. Smile. Joy. :blush:

  8. Build a network of positive people who support your sobriety. Find your tribe over time. The opposite of addiction is connection. :people_hugging:

  9. Check your thoughts. Talk back to your inner critic. Positive Mental Attitude. Feelings aren’t facts. Get out of your comfort zone.

  10. Be of service to others.

  11. When you think you’re “cured”, you’re not! Play the tape forward!!

  12. Monitor the content you feed your mind and stay busy. Read books. Journalling :writing_hand:

  13. Mindfulness and Prayer. BREATHE!

  14. Be accountable to God at the end of the day. Do the next right thing. Make the next right choice.

  15. Honor yourself, your children, your family and your friends by “doing the work”.

  16. Express gratitude every day.

  17. Positive Mental Attitude.


Excellent plan!


Day 2 here. Welcome. It gets better. This I know. I relapsed and back again after 5 years. But these ppl are fab support & you will get through this.


Wow, great plan! Thank you for this. God bless you.

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Awww Juliena, one day is a start. Sit down with your husband and explain to him How you are Feeling, let him know that you want to try again to stop drinking and that you didn’t want to lose him Or Disappoint him anymore, that you want a sober life and you want it with him. Getting sober is not easy, there’s going to be days when you are a emotional mess, there will be days when you feel like you are on top of the world and can conquer anything. Your doing a great start at being a better person…you came here asking for support, which you have tons of by the way, .
I think it’s great that you came here, don’t lose faith, I know it’s cliche but anything worth having you have to fight like the dickens to get. I am sending prayers, love and very big bear hugs to you hun, hang in there and don’t give up, you want to chat, I’m here for you :sparkling_heart: