Needed to reset

So I needed to reset tonight, not proud of it but will move foward in a different way. Instead of being mad at myself and allowing my self to continue this way, I will try to move foward understanding its a set bak not a fail. Maybe new mindset will get me through each day.


What makes you thing, that mindset will change any time soon?

Maybe a meeting might help different direction wish you well

Its worth a shot.

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I just Had to reset too. I’m not happy about it but trying to move forward in a positive mind set too.

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I would suggest changing more than just your mindset. That definitely needs to happen, but so does a lot of other things. We can’t think our way into a new way of acting. We need to act our way into a new way of thinking. What actions are you going to take that are different from last time. If you don’t change your actions, your results will not vary.


I absolutely love that saying. I’m bringing it stateside

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