Negative vibes

It’s been a bad day. Having thoughts about getting high… I live in a sober living house with 10 other females, and got into it with one of them today. Jus feeling all these negative vibes and can’t escape it. Trying to be strong. Been sober for 72 days and refuse to throw it away. Jus looking for some uplifting…


Welcome! I can understand that while sober living is a great thing, the dynamics are probably challenging sometimes. With 72 days you are doing great! You are making great strides in your journey! Don’t let daily shit get you down. Spats with other people will blow over. Better yet, have a talk with her? Maybe the issue is bothering her too and you can clear the air.


Im having a hard day too. Not sure what I can do in terms of comforting, but youre not alone… sending good vibes :yellow_heart: