Has anyone had alcohol induced neuropathy ?
Dose it get better the longer abstinent you are ?

I had neuropathy symptoms that were pretty bad in certain parts of my legs and arms . My nerves were really shot after 12 years of drinking vodka and never eating . Since I quit about 10 months ago I noticed my symptoms pretty much go away . I think the b complex I’m taking which has a high dose of b1 has healed my problem … also eating more real food , working out and not drinking. I think it depends how far along it is or how long you had this problem. My doctor said it would improve mostly from putting the drink down . Alcohol does a lot of damage to the nerves and has a lot to do with alcohol Interfering with vitamin B one which is thiamine. In my experience my symptoms have pretty much gone away and my legs feel a lot stronger. The Sensitivity to cold has improved and remember this making my arm and leg pain worse. My experience is that mostly all the symptoms have gone away or are Manageable… but definitely hope your symptoms go away. I remember what it felt like. Just hang in there and your body will repair if you give it a chance .


Thanks a lot gives me hope I’m 3 days in after 3 month relapse
Been trying to give up for last 5 years 6 month here and there not willing to admit I’m an alcoholic and can’t drink like others.
Again thanks


Just get through today . Keep things basic and simple and you will see results. I seriously know how tough the first couple weeks are but if you push through and stay strong you don’t have to ever go through this again .


Thanks I’m at a meeting in an hour so I’ll put my head on the pillow sobre tonight.
I have a link to an online meeting in California on a Saturday afternoon for you evening for me if you want it.