Never been to a meeting. What's it like?

Feeling kind of intimidated about going to a meeting. How does it help? Feeling like I need to try something different this time. Maybe I am just embarrassed to face other people because I have been hiding for so long.


2 months 22 days sober. Meetings for me help me connect with others that are going through similar things with alcohol and daily struggles. Everyone there is dealing with their own struggles and there to encourage others on that same road. It really is a good place to go and not feel intimidated or embarrassed.

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Personally, I’m not a fan of the groups in my area. That’s why I was elated to find this community. In my area the groups are clicky. For example, going to AA here is a better vibe. Although at NA I didn’t have to worry about letting it slip that I’m an alcoholic AND addict. (If looks could kill) I guess if you find a group without having anxiety or dread before you walk through the door, DON’T. LET. GO. Best of luck.

The meetings I go to are structured. One person runs the meeting. Starts by reading the AA preamble. Then chooses folks to read pages from the big book. Then after reading a several pages, the host calls on individuals to to share their experiences on a topic or step. You can decline if you want. At the end, there is a group “prayer”.

The structure reminded me that of Toast Masters, if you are familiar with that.

As far as the vibe goes, when you first walk in, people will look upon you with kind eyes and a warm smile. When they find out its your first meeting they will welcome you home. You will get literature or schedule along with a list of numbers of other members.

No two meetings are the same, so if you find that one is not your cup of tea, try another. There are also meetings for specific people, like women only, young people, atheists etc.

Goid luck!


[Why should I go to a meeting?]

I wrote this a while back. It’s just my thoughts on why meetings are helpful.


@Dejavu’s meetings sound like the ones I’ve been going to, @MoCatt’s thread has a great discussion on the topic. I went into the meeting blind and I was fine.


Where did you find an atheist group?! I wish I could stumble upon beautiful things like that. That’s unheard of im my area (east central Mississippi)

Maybe go try one see what you think, there will be people there who have been were you have ,get phone numbers, us who go to meetings have been were you have not knowing what to expect but i to have been to meetings all over the world and some are different from the ones here in Scotland but im sure once you try youl be ok wish you well

You can find them here:


thank you!

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