New and seeking help

Been drinking since I was young. It’s never been a huge issue because I didn’t think it was. As I look back I am very successful in life, but all bad things have stemmed from drinking. I find myself this afternoon following a blackout night, with filthy clothes(I’m a wanderer when drunk) and not knowing what happend. I’m here for help and asking help from anyone who will give it. If I continue down this path I will lose my family and my girls are everything. Thank you to all ahead of time. I’m ready for a change and need to know how to make it happen.

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I would encourage you to read the board and see what has helped others. If you have things you want to know about use the search function. This is a very broad question you asked with not much information on willingness. So before some of us like to go into details we like to see where you are/will be tolerant of? I’m not trying to have you share your life story but more like goals and what you have and are trying. Whew I’m getting soft today (catching me on a good day😉).

I think having awareness of your problem and being honest with yourself is a good first step. I would encourage you to create a plan of how you are going to approach sobriety. For me, action is important. You cant think your way to sobriety. Action is: groups, honest communication, counseling, exercise classes, etc. Basically a support network that creates action and structure and accoutability. Getting sober on your own is really tough. Other people want to help you. Hope that helps a bit.

Sorry it was very broad, without much info.

I’m active duty Army, going on 15 years. 11B4V before anyone asks. You will not offend, nor will I reject any advice given.

This is the 3rd time I’ve attempted to stop drinking. I am 100% committed to maintaining a healthy relationship with my girls and wife, and I know that can’t happen as long as I’m drinking. I come here for advice as someone who is having a hard time doing it alone.

Thanks for everything to everyone.

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Well I can tell you I tried maybe 1000’s of times on my own. I knew I had a problem with it. I thought for me it was the boozes fault. Truth for me is I was drinking to not face life. And I liked to carry guilt and shame like a toddler’s security blanket. And one of the very things I was ashamed of was drinking so it was a very viscous cycle. But until it didn’t alcohol numbed this pain away. Okay I go into all this because I believe that we drink for a reason. It’s those “why’s “ that we have to fix to let us live life on life’s terms. There a a couple of programs to help you work through this. You can find online and in person support for each. AA/NA/CA. SMART and Women for Sobriety (I’m aware you don’t fit into the last one but the next to read might). I would suggest if you don’t want to go the program route you start to educate yourself thoroughly on addiction and design your own system. Okay for the immediate future get rid of all alcohol in your house. Try to avoid temptation until you get time and strength. This will be hard AF. Exercise and meditation are helpful. The way I look at my recovery is it was my job! So I say don’t put part time effort into a lifetime problem. Now I can only tell you my experiences with the 12 step type programs (they are working for me). But the support I get from a meeting is something I can’t buy. If I think of more or need to amend my answer I will think of a better response. It’s a big question that I usually get asked in smaller parts🤔. Just hang around the board for awhile and you will find tons of support. We each walk a slightly different path to recovery.