New challenges

Hi everyone! I’m not exactly new here but because of my job I rarely have internet connection. I work at the north rim of the grand canyon and I’m 39 days sober! But today I’m facing an overwhelming craving to buy wine from across the street. I don’t want to of course because I want to stay strong. And the people I’m closest to and support me the most are gone for the next two days. I love my job bit sometimes the isolation gets to me. We don’t really get much tv up here and there’s hardly any WiFi so I walk around a lot. But because my boyfriend is gone until tomorrow the cravings have been killing me. Any advice guys???


That is SO me today too @Betterbee! My husband and kids are gone until tomorrow evening. I’m having some serious wine cravings. It’s worse when I’m alone like this because I can just slip out and buy it. I called my sponsor and it helped for a while. My mouth goes dry and I have this incredible urge to drink right now. I’m on day 58 but it seriously feels like day one when this happens!

I’m just going to hang out here, read, and maybe catch an evening meeting. Stay strong! :relaxed:

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Thanks for all the input guys!!! :blush: I just went and talked to my best friend on the phone about how I was feeling. I’m going to go on a 4 mile hike on the back roads. There are a lot of stressors where I work and we all live together for 6 months out of the year. I figure if I go on a hike I can kinda get away from it for a bit.
I want to prove that I can pull through this. I want to be good to myself and I know a lot of people have faith in me. And I won’t throw it away. Thanks again guys!